1 Man’s Opinion

Tony Gwynn – Tuesday June 17th, 2014

How do you define greatness…how do you quantify quality?

It has turned out to be a summer of sadness in our baseball town.  The Voice of Summer-Jerry Coleman was silenced.  The Smile of Summer-Mr-Padre Tony Gwynn has passed away.

Greatness in baseball is all about statistics, and Tony Gwynn’s numbers are staggering.  The (.338) career average.  The (.300) seasons 19X in a 20-year period.  The 3,141-hits.  The Silver Slugger Bats and Gold Glove trophies.

Quality of the person is there, not in the stat sheet, but in the heart of so many people who crossed paths with Tony Gwynn.

The 20-year Padres went into the Hall of Fame with another lifer-the Orioles Cal Ripken.  We may never see that again. (more…)