1 Man’s Opinion

NFL Owners

It’s a great idea. Why would they not move on it now? I know. It’s who they are.

The NFL, always coming up with new ideas to capture the fans attention, has decided not to expand their playoffs. The 16-game schedule; Thursday nite-football on top of Saturday-Sunday-Monday; the combines; the NFL Network; the 3-day draft. They elected not to expand the playoffs yet.

Doesn’t make sense. Not when the product is at an all time high in popularity. Don’t give me that razz-ma-tazz, you don’t want to become the NBA or NHL where almost everyone gets to postseason.

Add a 2nd wildcard team in the AFC and NFC makes all the sense in the world. The league is so competitive, each game so important, allowing 14-of-32 teams into postseason makes is right. (more…)