1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Winter Baseball Meetings-Padres-Time To Act”

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Padres-Winter Meetings-Game Plan”


It will be a fun four days at the Winter Baseball Meetings, but whether ti will be a fruitful four days for the Padres, remains to be seen.

You do recall three years ago, when GM AJ Preller stole all the headlines down at the Convention Center, making all those middle of the night trades at the San Diego version of the Winter Meeting swap shop?.

The deals that netted him the likes of Matt Kemp, Will Myers, James Shields, then Melvin Upton, Craig Kimbrel just before opening day.

It was exciting, but it turned out to be a failure. From what we thought was a pennant contender, the Padres became pennant pretenders, big contracts, and big time bad attitudes in the clubhouse.

He wound up getting rid of all them, some in buy out deals, here’s my money take my bad contract. He got some talent back in other deals. But it set the club back.

His second year was all about investing huge amounts of money, some 91M in all, to sign all those bluechip players from Latin America. That is the promise of the future, but there are still games to be played this year, much like last year’s 96-loss season.

His 3rd off season brought in Freddy Galvis and Chase Headley, both expensive acquisitions, one gone, and the other possibly leaving too, again a waste of money. He spent, maybe badly overspent, for Eric Hosmer to be his first baseman, when he had a first baseman on the roster, in Myers.

Preller always seems to have a roster in flux, looking for something else to add, while giving long suffering fans another summer of sad-sack baseball.

So what does have to show for all this wheeling and dealing over the last three years? Will Myers, Matt Strahm, Francisco Mejia and Craig Stammen., All those trades, all that money wasted, and not much of a major league roster to show for it. No one holds the GM accountable.

So as the talks in the suites and hallways begin in Las Vegas, Preller has a great bargaining chip in Will Myers, possibly a better fit in the American League. He has holdover catcher Austin Hedges with many clubs, needing receivers. He has some surplus young minor league pitching, but that is supposed to be part of the future isn’t it? .

But he has holes lots of places on this team’s roster, and now he has a credibility problem, because in the big picture, the losing continues and we’re still at least a year away from the key kids in they farm system arrives. And there’s no guarantees they will all be stars immediately.

Yes Preller may have spoken to the Mariners about James Paxton or Kyle Seager, and to the Mets about Noah Syndegaard, and to Cleveland about Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer, or even free agent Nathan Eovaldi, but at what price? Going to over pay again, like he did to get rid of the bad payers he traded for before?

He needs to find pitching, and settle on a spot for Myers to play if he keeps him. Maybe he can find a gem of a pitcher on a short term rental in free agency. A Charley Morton, a Matt Harvey, a Clay Buchholz, an Anibal Sanchez or a Matt Shoemaker.

The GM needs to find quality starts and quality innings from a veteran starter or two to compliment the kid pitchers. Guys who have pitched well in the past and might have bounce back ability to do it again.

Signing Garrett Richards, the ex Angels ace, may be a steal, but like so many of the kids in the farm system, that’s a 2020 arrival.

The week will revolve around the free agent frenzy led by Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. The trade rumors are swirling involving Zach Grienke, Madison Bumgarner, Yasiel Puig and more. But the Padres are not players in that market level of star players.

This will be an important four days for the team. The Padres brass needs to make the right decisions, as we wait for 2020 arrive, they better be prepared to give San Diego fans a better brand of baseball than we have seen in Preller’s past three summers.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Football Questions in San Diego”

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“Questions Worth Asking”


CHARGERS….This is a pretty talented offense that Philip Rivers is running, now averaging (399YPG) and that’s without any contributions from their tright ends. Think where they might be if Hunter Henry had not gone down?

NFL-MVP….You could root hard for Rivers to win the award, but the monster season Chiefs young phenom QB-Patrick Mahomes (41TD) is putting up, and the career records Drew Brees of the Saints, and the legendary season of Rams QB-Jared Goff will likely relegate Rivers to a 3rd or 4th place finish.

CHARGERS MVP….Yes Rivers, with RB-Melvin Gordon a strong second, followed by the highly productive WR-Keenan Allen.

UNSUNG MVP…Might well be OC-Mike Pouncey. What an acquisition in terms of productivity, leadership, fire, toughness. Have not had this type of trust upfront since the Nick Hardwick days.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR…Lots of candidates, but Derwin James, the big play safety has to be right up there for consideration. Sometime safety, sometime linebacker, always making plays, downfield, and even in the backfield.

GOODBYE WHIS-NO….Ken Whisenhunt, thought to be going home, to his Alma Mater-Georgia Tech as head coach, won’t be. He withdrew after his first interview. He’s done a masterful job, surrounded by the greatness of Rivers.

HELLO BOWL GAME….San Diego State lost 4-of its last five games, and still got to a bowl game, where they play Ohio University out of the Mid American Conference. This is not the same Aztecs team we have seen in recent seasons. Rocky Long rebuffed comments about the metrics of his team being down in virtually all key categories this year compared to the last couple of years. Numbers don’t lie, neither do 4-losses in 5-seasons. Do they?

AZTECS-BOBCATS…When they get to the Frisco Bowl in Texas, SDSU will face an Ohio team with the same personality, run the football, and play strong defense upfront. The Bobcats have over 3100-yards rushing with QB-Nathan Rourke, lead back AJ Oueltte, and two other backs. Can the Aztecs 3-3-5 package shutoff this run?

OLD SCHOOL FOOTBALL…..Frank Solich, the Ohio coach, the former Nebraska boss, is the oldest coach in the country (74). Long is not far behind (65). It’s not age that makes them great, it’s experience. Right?

BYE WEEK…The last time Long had a week to get his team ramped up, SDSU went into Boise and choked off the Broncos, QB-Brett Rypien and RB-Alex Mattison. Given two full weeks he may have some tricks up his sleeve for Ohio’s spread-read option package. Can he do it again with this struggling team he has?

SOMETHING MISSING…You cannot get away from all the end of season losses, and player rumblings about the lockeroom attitude and lack of veteran player leadership. Maybe it was an abberation, only time will tell. But something is not right onthe 2nd floor of the football offices at SDSU?

MISSING USD….Oh I wish there was a way USD football could be truly ranked as an NCAA-Division III-team, not a non scholarship 1-AA school. Could you imaging record setter Anthony Lawrence and the Torerors lining up to play annual champion Mt Union, or Wisconsin-Whitewater in the semi-finals of the Division III playoffs. AD-Bill McGillis-fight for change?

SADNESS….Thoughts go out to legendary Chargers coach Bobby Ross over the loss of his nephew Drew Ross, killed last week in Afghanistan. He was a career officer, and on his second tour when he and 2-soldiers were killed by an IED explosion. It reminds us, freedom int the US is not free.

SADNESS….Former Chargers team trainer Gary Losse has passed of Parkinson’s at age 69. He took care of Bolts players from 1981-thru-1998. He was caring, inventive and troubled. His medical career was sidetracked when he became addicted to painkillers, a fact he hid from other team physicians. He had suffered from catastrophic knee injuries while quarterbacking at Wisconsin. He left football, entered medicine, and evolved into a special surgical career. Sadly the football issues impacted his health issues and his career.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NFL Roster-Look Who’s Playing-Look Who’s Not-Why?”

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NFL Roster-Look Who’s Playing-Look Who’s Not?


The clock keeps ticking.

NFL teams are fighting for their playoff lives.

Starting quarterbacks keep going down with injuries.

And Colin Kaeperneck remains unemployed.

It has been 2-plus years since the 49ers quarterback took a knee, refused to stand for the National Anthem, began a career long protest about inhuman treatment to minorities.

He hasn’t played in a game since the middle of the 2016-season, his career hampered by injuries, shoulder, knee, and the injury to the NFL-shield.

Some will say he lost his desire. Lost his strength when he became a vegan.

Others will say he is not a perfect fit for the NFL pro passing package.

The quiet conversation, behind the curtain, is that no one will touch him because of the PR firestorm it would cause to bring him onto a roster. The public backlash for signing someone who refused to stand for the flag.

In that span of time, 17-of the 32-teams in the NFL have lost their quarterbacks, with a wide variety of serious injuries.

Pick a team, and most have had something bad happen to them.

Washington, losing both starter Alex Smith, and backup Colt McCoy with broken legs.

Arizona’s Carson Palmer knocked into retirement with age and knee problems.

The Broncos two quarterbacks of a year ago, gone by injury and poor play, and yet no deal to replace Trevor Siemian nor Brock Osweiler, when Denver was desperate.

The Vikings lost both Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford with year long knee issues.

The Bengals losing Andy Dalton to a thumb surgery.

Baltimore’s Joe Flacco out with hip problems.

Marcus Mariota, constantly hurt in Tennessee.

Miami’s Ryan Tannehill tearing his knee ligament twice.

Arizona losing Sam Bradford with knee problems.

The 49ers season surrendered when Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt early.

The Bills going thru 4-quarterbacks, because of injuries to Josh Allen.

Cleveland, forever looking for a QB, never called despite having to use 29-different quarterbacks, before throwing 1st round pick Baker Mayfield out onto the field.

The Colts going two full seasons without Andrew Luck, post shoulder surgery.

NFL teams have fed their fans a steady diet of Josh Johnson, Braden Weeden, Thad Lewis, Drew Stanton, Mark Sanchez, Matt Moore, Derek Anderson, and many more.

Kaeperneck’s success in San Francisco was decent, considering they were in rebuild mode when he finally went down. Decent numbers, over 12,000-yards passing, 300-rushing…72TDs-30 interceptions, and a 59% completion rate.

Maybe the rap he is a read option QB who doesn’t fit most systems has validity. Maybe lack of arm strength and loss of weight by virtue of his lifestyle, carries some credibility too.

But there’s more to Kaeperneck than kneeling down, and having players on every team (stand) next to him, by themselves kneeling, sitting, holding up fists, linking arms, or refusing to come out of the tunnel.

The courage Kaeperneck showed is amazing. But for him, it was never about the flag, It was about guns, killings, gangs, police shootings, inhumane treatment, and profiling. The NFL finally did react by meeting with players on all teams to try and develop programs to help their cities about social issues.

As he sat and watched games and seasons go by, Kaeperneck spent money. A 1-million dollar donation to school programs in both Oakland and San Francisco. Charity donations to program that mean something to his cause on injustice.
Funds for just released prison inmates to get them on their feet. Donations to wounded warriors. A huge donation to build a children’s hospital in Africa.

The fans, the media, may have reacted wrongly in how they portrayed Colin Kaeperneck.

NFL owners, you know the kind who hate negative PR, ran for cover when his name came up for a vacant roster slot, even with their team in trouble..

Isn’t it odd though, these are the same owners who’d sign an Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Reuben Foster, Josh Gordon, some of the real NFL ilk, who’ve been suspended in the past, will be suspended in the future.

You tell me which is worse? What Kaeperneck did, kneeling for issues he felt America should stand up for, or what the Kareem Hunt-Reuben Foster have done recently?

NFL-Who Do You Believe, and Why Do You Believe Colin Kaeperneck, is without a job.? Give me an answer.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Aztecs-vs-USD-Big Challenge for Both Teams”

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“Aztecs-USD Basketball-Rivalry This Year”


San Diego State is off to a rock-solid start, despite the blowouts in the Maui Clasic….they are on a roll. Next stop-USD on Wednesday night. Brian Dutcher’s team faces a USD’s been building for this. State is (5-2)…USD is (6-2). It’s been a series dominated by San Diego State, with the rare exception being the Toreros win at Petco Park.
Whereas the Aztecs have become an NCAA tourney team yearly, under Steve Fisher and now Brian Dutcher, there has been little success cross town. Brad Holland left after a couple of good seasons, Bill Grier came from Gonzaga and pulled off an NCAA tourney win with Holland’s players, then failed. Lamont Smith laid the ground work but self destructed with lifestyle decisions, getting fired. Sam Scholl inherited a lot and his team is playing very well. Only time tells if this is a 1-time good season there. Comments this week from the Aztecs basketball leaders.


Devin Watson is hot-paired with fellow guard Jeremy Hemsley-both are excited. Both talked about where they are now

..Love the atmosphere at Viejas
..We needed the win at Illinois State to get back on track
..USD really playing well
..Leadershipi s what we want…help the young guys too

..I’m a senior..young guys come up to me asking about being a freshman and sophomore

..We are playing free out there…with a purpose-but now what we have to do
..We learned at Maui…not come out timid…come out aggressive.
..We don’t think about what we have to do…we do it.


Dutcher is seeing his young players step up, especially in the road win at Illinois State.

..We won in tough environment–tough travel
..We rebounded better…defended against fast break

..USD is playing well
..They have a lot of experience-one of oldest teams in country-4 seniors
..Lot of minutes together…4-veterans
..USD runs a Princeton type offense
..Isaiah Pinero-really strong-tough..averaging 21-a game
..Carter shoots at elite level
..They are playing amazing schedule…Colorado-Ole Miss-Washington
..We’ve both played tough teams to get ready

..We got quality minutes from all 3-of our young guys
..They are getting more comfortable out there
..Nathan Mensah played really well…rebounded-boxed out
..We’ve challenge him defensively-help on ball screens
..Need to rebound with 2-hands not one…21-rebounds last two games
..Shot blocking is important-he gives us more length.
..Player driven teams better than coach driven teams-vets helping kids
..We are growing as a team

..We don’t recruit the same type of kid as USD does
..I don’t think we have gone head to head against them

..Amazed at what Nevada has turned into
..Coach Mussleman-Big difference maker

..Challenge with Missouri Valley Conference
..Talking with Atlantic 10 about a different tourney
..We had 3-and-half hour fight and 2-hour bus ride-long trip….
..Alot of travel
..Would rather play at Pac 12-home and home

..Watson-Hemsleuy-leadership role-played massive minutes…got 40-points ISU
..I sleep well because I have senior guards-

1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Aztecs Football-We Belong in This Bowl Game”

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Aztecs Football-We Belong in This Bowl Game”


A week removed from a lousy end to the football season, Rocky Long was ready to get back at it, at work, specifically, beginning prep for the Aztecs 9th straight post season bowl game, against Ohio University of the Mid American Conference.

He had plenty to say, about his team, the losing streak, and the last minute bowl game they were invited too, damn the naysayers too.


Glad to have a bowl game
We have 10-players from Texas going home

Old School Coaches…Frank Solich oldest coach in country now
I’m right behind him in age-lots of experience

Next years team we have-extra practices help us
We are evaluating program…
Things we’ve had in past seasons-we don’t have right now
Week and a half of practice will help us

We deserved to be in a bowl despite finish to season
People recognize our program’s success 9-years in a row to a bowl

We are moved to at large spot because of wins and size of TV market
Conference did a good job getting all 6-of our teams into a bowl game

Spent a whole day watching Ohio on film
Stats show who they are …they pride themselves on running the ball
Their losses were 2-3-4 this year-impressive
They beat Buffalo-the MAC championship game

They are spread team that runs spread option
Big and strong upfront-block well
QB-Nathan Rourke has 1,000-yard rushing himself
Team has 3,000-yards plus running the ball
Their zone read play allows QB to give it to the right guy

We have experience defensing what Ohio’s running
Have not thought about our starting QB yet.
Our first week of bowl prep will be like spring practice

We have played a lot of MAC teams in the past…
No tricks-no sunrises-line up and play well
We have to be better than we were ..next week of practice

For the sake of players in our program-developing team-bowls are important
Nice pat on the back winning games
Yes-very disappointed in our season
Bowl game is 1-game season-that’s how we treat it

Early signing period right on top of bowl season
We play same day as signing period starts
We have 15-scholarships available
We think we will sign 7-to-9 in early period
We will get additional scholarships in February.

We will sign by position …may be transfers out there-don’t have room for them.

We had new coaches-takes time for transition for them to learn
Add on lots of really young players=takes time.
We have to get 100-players on the same page all the time-it’s a challenge.
Not going to talk about losing 4-of-last 5…zero in on Ohio game

Delicate balance between bowl prep-having a good time
Want them to have fun-win-develop the team for next year
We have an issue-players taking finals on week of bowl game
Need to limit the distractions and get it done.