1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “NFL–#1 Picks-No Easy Days”

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We have history here to pay attention to in the NFL.  You hope that bad history is not being repeated right now.

Pick a hot young quarterback, drafted in the first round, forced to play early with disastrous results, sometimes career damaging.

This is more than the trial-by-fire failure of Ryan Leaf and how it devastated the Chargers.

This is even in more recent times.

Vince Young-Tennessee Titans.
Robert Griffin III-Washington
JaMarcus Russell-Raiders

We could go on and on.

But we fast forward to right now, three weeks into the season.

Five young QBs were taken in the first round last spring.  Four are starting, and staggering…one is sitting and learning.

Trevor Lawrence-Jacksonville…Zach Wilson-NY Jets…Justin Fields-Bears…Mac Jones-Patriots….Trey Lance-49ers.

Lawrence took over a (1-15) team and he has had to carry the bulk of the Jaguars workload.  His stat line shows how hard this is, for someone who was so brilliant at Clemson.

…Lawrence: (5TD…7 Int…2 Fumbles…5-sacks…QB rating 60)

Zach Wilson, surrounded by an injury ravaged Jets team is taking a beating.  This is not BYU anymore for sure

…Wilson: (2TD..7 Int…15 sacks..1 fumble..QB rating 22)

Mac Jones has been the success story in New England till Sunday..Good preseason and solid start to season with the Patriot…but then disaster.

…Jones: (2TD..3 Int..2 Fumbles..6-sacks..QB rating 50)

Chicago, with a lifetime of quarterback failures around its neck, put Ohio State rookie Justin Fields out there Sunday for his first ever start after 2-cameo appearances  Woe to be him

…Fields: (0TD..2 Int..11 sacks..QB rating 39)

The 49ers are sitting Trey Lance, the Division 1AA star from North Dakota State.  He ran a goal line play for a TD on Sunday but there is no need to play him as long as Jimmy Garoppolo is hot and healthy.

It is so hard for all these bad teams.  They are talent deficient, usually troubled at quarterback, draft high and get the chance to excite the fans by picking a marquee QB.  But when you put them on the field surrounded by bad players, look what happens.

No better with the new guy than the old guy.  You just hope you don’t ruin the rookies trying to get them experience.

The four young picks will tell you that this morning.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports- Monday. “Chargers-Rams Wins–What Does It Mean?”

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“Chargers-Rams-Big Wins”


Statement Games
Signature Victories
Serving Notice Super Bowl runs over.

Some Sunday we had in the NFL

The Chargers staged a duel of ‘on the edge’ football in their statement game win at Arrowhead Stadium over Kansas City.

The Rams delivered a knockout blow to the Tampa Bay Bucs, last seen wearing a Super Bowl crown.

The wins say more about the victors than it does about the losers.

Justin Herbert’s big time throws, coach Brandon Staley’s brass-balls play calls, and a relentless defense got the Chargers the win.

Matthew Stafford came out throwing and never let up while Tom Brady and Tampa Bay never caught up.

Just think about all this.  The Bolts and Rams are both (3-0).  The Chiefs are (1-2) and Tampa Bay no longer looks invincible.

The Chargers kept hitting big plays, 12-plays of 10-yards or more when they needed it the most.  The defense came up with 2-fumbles, 2-interceptions, and capitalized on sloppy Chiefs plays.  On top of that, the Bolts shut the Kansas City crowd up when momentum continued to swing.

And Staley showed brass going for it 3-times on 4th down plays.

The Bolts survived two more ‘illegal shift’ calls that wiped out another TD and voided another big yardage play.  They survived two missed point after kicks., and a lousy 25Y punt.

But what they did do was force turnovers and take the ball away at their own 3-15-29 and 41-yard lines.  Kansas City was moving the ball so well, they could have had 4-more TDs in the game if they had not been so careless.  It might be called self inflicted KC wounds, or maybe they just got mugged.

The Rams roared from the start, and made Brady and the Bucs walk the plank in a really lopsided loss.

Stafford went off for (343Y) passing…4TDs and sprayed big passing plays to DeSean Jackson (3R-120Y) and Cooper Kupp (9R-96Y).

Aaron Donald and his defensive friends rocked Brady, hit Brady, forced the offense into 1-dimension by denying the run game.  Brady may have thrown for (432Y) but he tossed 1-TD pass and the Bucs got blistered by everything the Rams did.

The amazing performances of the coaches has to be noticed.  Staley and Joe Lombardi’s dynamic play calling shows the utter incompetence of last year’s coach Anthony Lynn.

Sean McVay, who has had 7-key assistant coaches taken off his staff in off season hirings, continues to import the right people to create the Xs-Os for his newly minted star quarterback replacing the old disappointing one Jared Goff.

Philosophies-easy to read.  Play fast, get there in a foul mood, make big plays on both sides of the ball.

What happened Sunday counts for only one win.  There are still 14-more of these games to be played, but the Chargers-Rams win served notice to the nation, Herbert and his coach operated as Mad Scientists.  Stafford and his high octane offense are something to be reckoned with.

Big wins for sure, but bigger signature events and statements made by the Lightning Bolt and the Rams horns.



1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Ryder Cup Golf- Q&A”

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“US-vs-Europe-Ryder Cup”——-

It’s here, the global matchup we have come to like, it’s the 43rd Ryder Cup Golf Tourney, 12-on-12, the US-vs-Europe.

It’s a different tourney for sure.  Best Ball play in the mornings  then Alternate Shot play in the afternoon, both Friday-Saturday.  Come Sunday, 12-players each in match play to determine the winner.

There is no Phil Mickelson, nor Tiger Woods for the first time in a long time.  They have been replaced by the young guns on the tour, from red hot Patrick Cantlay, to the outspoken Bryson DeChambeau, to the emerging stars like Xander Schauffele and Colin Morikawa.

The Euros give us Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy and more.

Here’s a Q & A about what we will see at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin, courtesy of NBC Sports


Take a look at some answers to frequently asked questions about the Ryder Cup:

I keep reading about excitement building for the “Ryder Cup.” I thought the end-of-season prize on the PGA Tour was the FedExCup. So what’s the deal with this Ryder Cup? Is it sponsored by Ryder Trucks, like the FedExCup is sponsored by FedEx?

We’ll answer your second question first. The “Ryder” in Ryder Cup has nothing to do with the trucking company. It’s the surname of the man who originally conceived of the competition and donated the trophy, Samuel Ryder. An English businessman, he took up golf at age 50 and was hooked. He began sponsoring various competitions, and in that era (the 1920s), perhaps the biggest natural rivalry was between American and British players. So the Ryder Cup was conceived to pit U.S. vs. British pros. It was first played in 1927, and matches have continued to be held every two years.

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 resulted in the postponing of that year’s Ryder Cup for a year and scheduling future matches in even-numbered years. That went back to odd-numbered years after the 2020 edition was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 43rd matches will take place Sept. 24-26 at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The U.S. leads the all-time series, 26-14-2.

Wait, you said “British” pros. I thought this was U.S. vs. Europe?

You are correct. The Ryder Cup hasn’t been the U.S. vs. Great Britain and Ireland for 39 years. Team GB&I was expanded to Europe in 1979. The idea, promoted chiefly by Jack Nicklaus, was designed to a) make the competition more competitive (at the time, the U.S. led the series, 18-3-1), and b) make one of the most dynamic players of the era, Spain’s Seve Ballesteros, eligible.

How’d that work out?

For the Euros, extremely well. Since 1979, their record is 11-8-1. Ballesteros became one of the greatest Ryder Cup players ever, going 20-12-5 in eight Ryder Cup appearances. He later served as captain of the European team in 1997 (they won). Europe is also the defending champion, having won in Paris, France in 2018.

OK, so we’ve got U.S. vs. Europe. But who plays? How are they picked?

Well, things changed this time around because of the pandemic delay. The U.S. decided to do six automatic qualifiers and six captain’s picks, determined by U.S. skipper Steve Stricker. The U.S. team is set (click here). Europe will finalize its team after the BMW PGA Championship. It had two qualifying methods: a European points list and World points list. The former is determined by Race to Dubai points earned in European Tour-sanctioned events, with four players qualifying this way. The latter is based the Official World Golf Ranking, of which five players qualify. The remaining three are selected by European captain Padraig Harrington.

So we’ve got two 12-man teams. What’s the schedule?

The first two days are dedicated to team play. Each day will have a morning session and an afternoon session, with four matches pitting two-man teams against each other in each session. On Friday and Saturday, they will play both fourballs (better ball) and foursomes (alternate shot). The home captain (Stricker) determines which is played in the morning and which is played in the afternoon.

How exactly do better-ball and alternate-shot matches work?

The concepts are pretty simple. Better ball: I play my ball and you play yours. Whichever one of us makes the lower score on the hole, that’s our team score for that hole. And if we tie, well, that’s our score. Alternate shot: You and I are a team. I tee off. You hit the next shot. I hit the next and so on until we’re in the hole. We alternate hitting tee shots, with me leading off on odd-numbered holes, and you hitting first on even-numbered holes. In both formats, we’re playing match play, so overall scoring is done by holes, not strokes. Matches last until one team does not have enough remaining holes to catch up.

If we defeat our European opponents, it doesn’t matter if we did it by winning just one more hole than them (1 up), or shut them out (10 and 8), it’s just one point for the U.S. team. Tied matches are worth a half-point for each side.

What does 10 and 8 mean?

It means we won the first 10 holes of the match. Since there are only eight holes left in a standard 18-hole round, the best our opponents could do is win those eight holes. So the match is stopped after the 10th hole and we win, 10 and 8. That almost never happens, by the way.

So there are eight matches on Friday and eight more on Saturday. What about Sunday?

That’s when everyone plays singles – 12 singles matches.

Twelve, huh? Well, that brings up a question: In each of the team sessions there are four matches, which means only eight guys can play. What about the other four?

Just as in any other team sport, they sit on the “bench” and cheer their teammates on. Picking which guys to play and which to sit is one of a captain’s main responsibilities, along with choosing who plays with who.



It should be “who plays with whom.”

Fine. Whatever. You got anymore real questions?

As a matter of fact, I do. How many points do you need to win?

Well, 16 team matches and 12 singles equals 28 total points, so 14 1/2. But there is a caveat.


Whichever team won the previous Ryder Cup and thus holds the cup can retain it with a tie. Europe is the current cup-holder, so it needs only 14 points to retain the cup.

Let’s get back to who plays with whom. What about who plays AGAINST whom? Do the captains know the other team’s lineup?

No. The “lineups” have to be turned in to Ryder Cup rules officials by a certain deadline before the matches begin. For Friday’s morning matches, for instance, the deadline is 4:15 p.m. Thursday. For Friday afternoon matches, it’s 1:05 p.m. Friday. For Saturday morning matches, the deadline is one hour after Friday play concludes. For Saturday afternoon matches, it’s 1:05 p.m. Saturday.

For Sunday singles, the deadline is one hour after play on Saturday. Each captain is also required, by the same deadline, to put the name of one player in a sealed envelope. That player will not play if a player on the opposing team is injured and cannot play.

Neither side knows what the other side’s pairings or teams are until they are sent out from the rules office about five minutes after the above-stated times.

1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “The Teams & Topics”

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“Teams & Topics”


PADRES…The rock star GM has become Captain Queeg.  AJ Preller’s shakeup of his front office continued following the firing of Farm Director Sam Geaney.  Scouting Director Mark Connor has been removed.  International Scouting Director Chris Kemp is changing jobs.  Ryan Westhan takes over as Farm Director.  Last I checked none of those front office execs traded all the prospects away, or gave away huge amounts of money to sign free agents or to dump bad contracts they had acquired.  Captain Queeg has not been penalized for what he has done.

DODGERS…They have all the money in the world, draw 4M a year, go over the Luxury tax threshold, developed good young talent.  Manager Dave Roberts has won 5-Division titles in a row.  His composite record since taking over the Dodgers dugout (571-354), 3-World Series appearances and 1-World Series ring.

ANGELS…Careening towards a horrible finish to the season, with tons of injuries and very little pitching.  Hard to believe Owner Arte Moreno’s team has fallen on such hard times, year after year after year.

CHARGERS…Justin Herbert is dynamic and throws a tremendous deep ball.  The Bolt passing offense is superb, #1 in yards (337Y)…#1 in offense (413Y) number 1-in third down conversions (61%).  But they are 30th in Red Zone success.  3TDs in 10-trips and #32 in porductivity…42-snaps inside the 20-yard line only 3TDs in two weeks

RAMS…So gifted on offense but very thin on defense and now getting gashed because of injured players that side of the ball.  Experienced depth is an issue.  Still awaiting a way for DeSean Jackson to be added to the big play wide receiving group headed by Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.

AZTECS…An impressive defense, sacks, tackles for losses, interceptions.  So athletic, so gifted, so furious the way San Diego State plays.  But then this.  So poor at quarterback.  Two of the three games they have won were because of their deep run game and the defensive side of the football.  Modern day success at quarterback remains a rumor at SDSU.  One QB was (2-11) in his first start.  Last week’s starter threw for (47Y).  Kevin O’Connell and Ryan Lindley were a long time ago.

USC…Some two weeks at Heritage Hall.  They fire coach Clay Helton.  QB-Kedon Slovis, who has 50-career TDs, gets hurt.  Jaxson Dart comes off the bench and the freshman throws for over 300 and 4-scores in his first outing.

UCLA..Quick start, then a stunning loss for the Bruins.  Losing to Fresno State, getting torched by QB-Jake Haener.  As ugly a loss as last years mugging at the hands of San Diego State.  Chip Kelly (12-22) as head coach.

SOCCER…Big following for the sport in San Diego and now a chance to see special games closeup.  MLS and Liga Mx are signing a deal to stage a 47-team knockout tournament in 2023, matching each team in MLS against each team in Liga Mx in a World Cup format.  All the games would be played in a 1-month time frame on the calendar in 2023, with games to played around the country, San Diego included.  Can you say Chivas Guadalajara vs FC Los Angeles, or the Galaxy-vs-Tijuana XOLOs…What a great way to grow the sport.

JIMMIE JOHNSON…The NASCAR icon, now going thru his learning curve season in Indy car, had his best finish of the season (17th) in the Leguna Seca Grand Prix.  That came after his 19th place finish the week prior, his two best runs of his first Indy car season.  And a week ago, Johnson, prepping to race in the Indy 500-next year, ran an amazing series of 214mph laps while testing on the Texas Motor Speedway big oval.



1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Padres–Summer Soap Opera”

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“Padres–Summer Soap Opera”


It was an awful day in Rancho Bernardo where I live.

The summer heat is driving me crazy, and the Tuesday afternoon temperature outside my home office reached “112” degrees, and that did not include the heat index.  On top of that the Santa Ana winds showed up.

The summer heat is about to descend on anyone, everyone affiliated with the Padres, after the worst modern day collapse in franchise history.

Everybody had something to say in the midst of this messy losing streak that ruined a summer of baseball.  Everyone had something to say about the ugly disappointing dugout spat between Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis.

And the manager Jayce Tingler had something to say about all the national baseball reports he has lost his team emotionally, lost the clubhouse, and lost all these games.

And the team got rid of its Farm Director, Sam Geaney, who oversaw the number one ranked farm system for a 6-year run, till all the prospects were traded away by the free-wheeling General Manager.  A farm system that was a combined 56-games below .500 as of first pitch last night.

Silent thru all this, GM-AJ Preller and lead owner Peter Seidler

So much to pay attention to.

Tingler is great at baseball philosophy, is not a finger pointer, but this is his clubhouse, his disaster in the dugout and on the field.  If he is removed, it’s the third managerial change his GM has made since 2015.

And if Tingler goes, so does the coaching staff, where there has been constant upheaval since the Andy Green days.

Machado and Tatis wanted to apologize to the fans for the flareup that went global on social media.  The 300M third baseman ripping into the 340M shortstop over  his sulking as the season has crumbled.  I am a big believer in body language, and don’t like what I have seen from either of them as this summer has become emotionally draining.

Winning baseball and earning a playoff spot means groups coming together.  The Brown & Gold have come apart.

The pitching staff has collapsed so badly, that Preller wound up signing arms no one wanted.  Jake Arrieta’s stats were horrific.  The pitching short Phillies gave up on Vince Vasquez who plateaued and then fell off.  They also picked up Shaun Anderson, who had an ERA over 9.00 for woeful Baltimore.

The team that piled up big wins early, with home runs, hot hitting, stolen bases, has lost their ways.  They seldom hit homers.  The dangerous batting order has been fragmented.  The slumps have been extended.  The team that stole bases and created runs and rallies seems to have an empty gas tank.  Defensive breakdowns are happening more often now than early.

Geaney oversaw the highly regarded farm system that helped developed Tatis and Chris Paddack..  The number 1-ranked system was ranked last week 18th in baseball, because of bad seasons, and the fact Preller traded away so many draft picks to acquire veterans.

You only need to look at the batting order to understand there is not one Padres developed player in the lineup.  The 26-man roster has two of their own players, a struggling Ryan Weathers and an oft-ailing Dinelson Lamet..

This must be a shockwave of a summer for Seidler, a two time cancer survivor.  He gave his GM a record 171M budget.  He let him eat enormous contracts to get rid of players they made mistakes on.  He has watched  the surgery count to all these damaged pitchers mount.

The only critique one should direct at Peter Seidler is this.  Why would you give Preller a contract extension that runs thru 2026, when the team had not really won anything yet.  Now he is stuck with a baseball leader who has made bad hires, made too many trades, burned thru so much money, and put his trust in players in his clubhouse who don’t seem to be leaders.

A summer soap opera gone bad, it’s season likely to be cancelled shortly.

The heat on everyone at Petco Park could exceed 112-degrees too.  It should.

The Padres failed to explode to become an elite team.  They seem to be imploding instead.