1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Sports-Sleaze Factor-Everywhere”

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“Sports Sleaze Factor-Everywhere”


It goes on and on, virtually everywhere in society.

The #MeToo Era, that has claimed victims in government, entertainment, the media and more.

And so to in the sports world.

I wonder if the fans really care, or if sports is just a microcosm of all things society, as it relates to trouble in all industries.

The war of the lawyers continues to escalate in the Robert Kraft solicitation case in Jupiter, Florida. A judge refusing to release the so called sex video of Kraft having a sexual act performed on him by 2-women at a so-called massage parlor. He’s lawyered up in what has become a major national case of power and money vs right and wrong.

In Kansas City, this is a troubling story, Tyreek Hill’s 4-year old son removed from his home by Child Services after two incidents that led to an investigation of child abuse or child neglect. This years after Hill choked his then pregnant girlfriend in a terrible incident before he ever got to the NFL. The Chiefs having to deal with the Kareem Hunt assault issue last year.

Luke Walton facing a bitter battle after a TV sports anchor says he sexually assaulted her in his hotel room five years ago, and following up with a 2nd allegation as recently as just this past year. There’s a difference between making an advance,vs pinning a woman to a bed to fondle her and more.

Reuben Foster of the Redskins has been reinstated by the NFL, despite two incidents of abuse against his wife. Reinstated because she refuses to press charges against him despite making the 911 calls out of fear of injuries. Money can buy lots of things, including silence.

Former LA Kings defenseman Slava Voynov , gone from the NHL for 3-years, deported back to Russia, has a 1-year additional suspension now in a terrible, bloody, domestic abuse case, choking and injuring his wife in a drunken rage.

It’s everywhere in college athletics too, the ugly side of the slush fund issues, payoffs to parents, guardians, coaches, handlers, possibly athletes, in now what seems to be a torrent of wronged;ing that is hitting even the most prestigious programs.

And legendary singer Kate Smith, years after her death, back in the news, . Her famous ‘God Bless America’ tune, produced in 1939, now removed from Yankees Stadium and from Philadelphia Flyers NHL home games, because two recordings from the 1930s have surfaced in which she sang racially denigrating lyrics.

It’s like an every week affair we have to cover. Wonder if fans care what people on their team do, on they own time, and whom their with?

Wha an epidemic.

Fans care about scores and wins and losses. TMZ keeps scores on arrests and indictments and troublesome videos..

The sleaze factor in sports seems everywhere.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chargers-Draft-Win Now-Or Win In Future?”

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“Chargers-Win Now or Build Future?”


The NFL draft begins Thursday evening, and everyone is on the clock, especially the GM of the Chargers, Tom Telesco, and his VP-Football Operations John Spanos.

In their tenure, the team with a likely Hall of Fame quarterback, Philip Rivers, has gone (48-48) under their leadership.

Rivers has carried the team, thru it’s horrible non playoff seasons, to record setting passing seasons, to finally a playoff win a year ago.

But he has also sat there and seen the roster turnover take place, talent coming in, lots of it, but lots of players leaving too, via injury, retirement, free agent defections.

And now in the twilight of his career, he could be quarterbacking a team worse off than the one that finished a pretty good (12-4) season., and won a playoff game in Baltmore.

By virtue of the good season Anthony Lynn drove the team to, they are paying a steep price. Next season’s schedule, especially at home, will be brutal. It’s as if they are lining up against every big name quarterback in the league.

Normally at home, that would be an advantage, if you had to face Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck, DeSean Watson, Kirk Cousins,Patrick Mahomes, and Derek Carr.

But because they are the Chargers, owned by Dean Spanos, relocated to a soccer stadium, in a city where the media and fans don’t care for them, every home game becomes a road game, because the ticket brokers buy up the tickets and sell them to visiting fans.

Now Rivers, with a pretty good offense around him, looks at draft week, and realizes he has half a defense on his roster, and very little way for the Telesco-Spanos team to get players into LA.

Part of me says the draft is the best its been in over a decade for defensive talent. The Mock drafts indicate 9-of the first 12-players to be picked on Thursday will be on defense. A deeper look shows as many as 20-of-31 first round picks may be from that side of the ball.

A good thing, but not a good thing for the Bolts, in that they draft 28th in the opening round, and then 60th and 92nd in the second and third rounds.

Add into the equation, the unique opportunity for the Chargers to possibly get their quarterback for the future, if they choose to get into the bidding for about to be traded Arizona Cardinals QB-Josh Rosen.

The Cardinals though are trying to play the price is right, wanting someone’s first round pick in a deal. The Bolts won’t do that, but might be willing to ship out the 60th pick, unless Arizona finds someone else willing to package multiple choices for the ex-UCLA star.

The defections this off season have been significant on the Chargers defense.

Gone are DE-Corey Liuget, DT-Darius Philon, LB-Kyle Emanuel, S-Jahleel Addae, CB-Jason Verrett, plus CB-Trevor Williams.

Unsigned are LB-Jatavis Brown, DT-Damian Square, TE-Antonio Gates, as well as Addae.

Complicating all this is a dire lack of salary cap room, because they have commitments to Rivers, an upcoming extension to Melvin Gordon, and big money owed to offensive lineman and wide receivers.

The Bolts priority come Thursday has to be in the defensive front. Three potential 1st round picks could be there, but each comes with a red-flag.

Clemson’s monster defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence might be there, unless teams look past his mysterious PED-bowl suspension for the Tigers. He is big, physical, with some burst. They don’t have that at that position right now. Might he be an Aaron Donald in waiting?

Jeff Simmons, a massive inside defensive lineman from Mississippi State, might fall, as he comes off knee surgery for a ligament injury suffered in off season training leading to the combine. He is brute strong and takes up space. He should be able to play by July.

Jerry Tillery, a 6’6 tackle-end from Notre Dame is likely to be on the board. Big guy, plays tough, but is coming off shoulder surgery.

A backup plan, if those lineman are gone, Alabama run stuff–tackle everything LB-Mark Wilson, though that might be a reach to take him in the back end of the first round.

More than anything, it better be defense, better be a ‘player’ too.

Telesco has done a good job the last two years, drafting Derwin James of Florida State and Joey Bosa of Ohio State, but that was with higher first round picks than he will have come Thursday evening.

And never before has he had to replace as many as 8-players on that defense that were part of a pretty combative group, supporting his star quarterback. Of course they did well playing the 3rd easiest schedule last year. Not so this fall.

The Chargers front office does not have a history of being aggressive on draft day. There’s not really a history to act like Bill Belicheck or Jerry Jones, trade up, trade back, wheel and deal. They don’t do ‘bold’ very well.

So they are all on the clock, as are what few Chargers fans are still left in San Diego, or the ones they say support them in LA.

I laughed when the team announced last week, they were returning to the ‘Powder Blues’ uniforms next season. You know, the ones the Spanos family disdained for years, because it was a symbol of great years prior owners had, that the Spanos never really got to.

Fittingly, Team Spanos should have positioned the new colors for 2020 when they move into the shiny new Stan Kroenke built Rams Stadium as a tenant. New home, new look. But not AG Spanos, the other son, who makes those type of decision.

Well at least in their soccer stadium, those Powder Blues will be easily identified, for that color will stand out in the midst of all those wearing Packers green, Chiefs red, Broncos orange, Steelers black and gold, Raiders black etc…etc. So much for being at home..

What would really be something to stand out would be Telesco’s ability to land the right player on defense at the 28th spot, and find a gem at the 60th pick.

He’s on the clock, under pressure, to keep this team at its current level.

Clock ticking to make the franchise better than (48-48).


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Padres-My Thoughts-Team in Town”

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“Teams in Town-Tons of Topics”


While I was gone on vacation, a lot happened. Here’s what I see, what I know.

PADRES-1st PLACE…Well that was nice for a couple of weeks, the quick start, but now reality has set in. Reality that they offense still is not producing. Reality they seem to have a hole at 2nd base. Reality that their starting pitchers are going just 5-innings per start. Reality that there seems to be a lot of stress on the bullpen, and we are just 20-plus games into the season.

BATTING ORDER….They started quickly with a top of the batting order anchored by Ian Kindler, followed by Will Myers, then Manny Macao, Eric Hosmer, Hunter Renfroe. Then the musical chairs started and Andy Green keeps changing that batting order daily. Set it up, leave it alone, quit experimenting. Let the proven players settle in.

BLACK HOLE…Luis Urias is headed back to AAA-El Paso, dragging with him a (.081) batting average back to the minor leagues. A little too much, too son. Kinsler has hit well in the past, and he will hit again, though it is surprising in that he had a strong spring and now is down in the (.161) range. Greg Garcia is just a guy. It may well be that career journeyman Jose Pirela, who has hit, gets the job again

GREAT DEBATE…..Francsico Mejia is still here, catching once in awhile, and hitting in the (.180) range. So the discussion rages on, shouldn’t he be catching everyday in El Paso rather than sitting more than playing with the Padres?

MANNY-HO-WILL….That’s a lot of money the three big names are earning. Machado is hitting in the (.250s)…..Myers had a good start (.291) with the bat, but not so much with the glove…Hosmer is hitting in the.(220s). Just wondering if one gets hot, will the others follow. They better.

TATIS TALENTS….He’s everything that they advertised, with the glove at shortstop, and at times with the bat (.291). Fernando Tatis has hit with some power, gets extra base hits, does run the bases with abandon. His defensive plays, diving, chasing, throwing, covering have really been impressive for someone age-20. Just call him El Nino. He might be as exciting a rookie as San Diego has seen since Tony Gwynn, and that was a long time ago.

KID ARMS…A nice first week or so for the young starters, but they are getting knocked around a bit more. Getting Joey Lucchesi, Eric Lauer, Chris Paddock past the 5th inning of their starts does not seem to be part of the game plan. Protecting young arms the real priority.

NICK THE QUICK…Nick Margevicius has been more than impressive in his first couple of starts. Bears watching to see if his outings get shakier after the last bad outing Handling him like the others, with kid gloves for that arm, but very impressive.

STRAHM STARTING….Aside from a couple of rocky outings, Matt Strahm is building arm strength, has more good outings than bad, and seems to holding up well to the workload a starting pitcher has to endure. So far so good, but truly not an ace.

BULLPEN BRIGADE….They won’t raise a red flag, and the personality of Craig Stammen and Kirby Yates won’t allow them to even think about white flags, but they’ve been called on way too much the first month of the season. Finding some quality long relief innings will be important going forward.

DOWN ON THE FARM….Remembering the old Saturday Night Live skit, “Not ready for prime time players’, the young arms are not dominating in Triple-Double A, so I doubt you will see Cal Quantrill, Logan Allen or Adrian Morejon any time soon. Between them, eight minor league starts this year, only two quality outings, and high ERAs.

GM GAME PLAN…AJ Preller has shown no interest in dealing prospects, nor international signing bonus slot money in any trades. Nor does he seem interested in a 1-year contract for 18-million for still unsigned Dallas Keuchel. That may change if this downhill slope ride continues. The Padres just snapped a 6-game losing streak. Much of that caused by lack of hitting, and teams catching up to the kid pitchers. Another losing streak might force Preller to reconsider his roster makeup.

THE STANDINGS…That was the talent laden Dodgers blowing by the Padres this past week in the standings. And doing that mostly without pitching icon Clayton Kershaw. LA is bombing people with home run hitters. Spending two weeks in first place was nice, but that is no longer the norm in San Diego. Now as we turn into May, we still don’t know what kind of team the Padres really halve, not even with Machado in the batting order,and the kid pitchers here.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports

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Program Note–

I am on assignment this week.

Returning with my NFL Draft preview package next Monday 4/22

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Lee Hamilton

1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Masters-An Amazing Story-All Things Tiger”

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“Masters-Toast to Tiger”


That accomplishment, at that place, at this time, amazing.

There may not be enough words to describe what we saw on Sunday at Augusta, in the 83rd year of the Masters Golf Tourney.

Tiger Woods, coming back from the trauma of debilitating back surgeries, and the destruction his personal life, marriage,and painkillers, and the loss of virtually all his credibility, put on a show for the ages.

A comeback of the greatest magnitude in golf, and a similar comeback in life.

Woods called it overwhelming, unreal, and was at a loss for words.

You only had to watch the final group of holes. You only had to hear the chants ‘Tiger-Tiger’ from a gallery that was 20-rows deep on the 18th hole. You only had to see the line of golfers waiting on the walkway coming off the final green, to salute the champion. It was a show of respect and affection for golf’s greatest modern day star, to do what he did.

For a man with the stone cold stare and glare, and the fierceness to his game, even he was stunned at the accomplishment. At 18, after the final shot, the outpouring of his own emotion was an exhibit we have not seen for years.

Him hugging his children, his mother. Him referencing his father, who was there in 1997 the first time he won.

The fist pump, the huge smile, the rush of energy. The fire engine red-shirt he wore. It just seemed to right.

Woods won his first major since 2008, the one he got at Torrey Pines. It was his 15th Grand Slam event, pulling closer to the legendary Jack Nicklaus. It was 14-years between Masters’ Green Jackets for him.

It might be even more impressive than the 12-stroke win he had at Augusta in 1997.

It may top the greatest day Nicklaus had, coming from 4-strokes back to win win in 1986, his last tour victory every. .

Woods did this, the come-from-behind win on Sunday, just days after saying he did not know if he could ever be the same player again, because his practices were limited by back soreness, and his putter rankings were the worst ever in his career. He admitted, if you cannot practice, you might not be able to play.

But for this weekend, all was right with him. His approach, to shots, his approach mentally.

His career comes full circle. His father there for the 1st ever win at Augusta. His mother and children there a the finish on Sunday..

It was as inspirational an accomplishment as the Augusta course has ever seen. And why not there, at the shrine of Pro Golf.

Woods fall from grace as a person, will probably never be repaired.
Woods re-emergence as golf’s great star has now been documented.

A historical day with the Green Jacket as the prize, again, and the restoration of his golf integrity solidified..