1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Rams–The Real Deal”

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“Rams–The Real Deal”


They’ve been building for this for more than a year, and now they have taken the first step to getting to play in the Super Bowl in their own stadium.

The surging Rams, who won 5-of their last 6-games in the regular season, stomped the Arizona Cardinals in their Monday Night playoff game (34-11)

It was an enormous beatdown, a horrific loss for Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury, and an awful way to wrap up a season, when you consider this was a Cardinals team that was (7-0), and got to (10-2) before the roof caved in and the bottom fell out. That’s what happens when you lose 5-of-6 at the end of the season.

The Rams traded a ton for QB-Matthew Stafford, and he ended 9-years of frustration, winning his first playoff game of his statistics inspiring career.

The Rams also dealt for Odell Beckham-Junior and in 4-weeks time they figured out how to integrate his skills package into their offense, something the Cleveland Browns failed to do in 2-seasons.

The crown jewel of the offense is 145-catch receiver Cooper Kupp and you wonder how upcoming teams can defend all the things the Rams have on offense.

Add to that, the Aaron Donald led defense, that crushes the pocket, the rush packages led by newly acquired Von Miller, and the ball hawking secondary with Jalen Ramsey and friends picking off passes.

They are good in every which-way.

Juat ask Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. It was awful right from the start as the Rams exploded infront of 72,000-screeching LA fans.

Which stat impressed you the most? The Rams big plays of 22-24-29-31-40-41 yards?

Or the fact that LA had a (163-to- Minus 1) edge in yards late into the second quarter?

Or was it the defense that had 2-picks, 2-sacks, 6-hits and 10-pressures of Murray?

The Rams showed up with all that firepower, and all that experience on the roster. The Cardinals had 23-key players making their first appearance in a playoff game.

Sean McVay is now (59-29) as head coach in LA.

The Cardinals went home having to answer questions about stage-fright…panic..choke jobs and lack of composure.

And if the Monday night game was impressive, think about what is ahead next weekend.

The Rams go play Tom Brady and Tampa Bay, and San Francisco takes its tough guy act to Green Bay to meet Aaron Rodgers, the Packers fans and the cold weather.

The Rams are the real deal, but so are all the other teams left in the NFC tournament.

Will be fun. Is it Saturday and Sunday yet?.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NFL-Playoff Weekend-Starting and Ending”

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‘Wildcard Weekend-was Wild’


Surprises-Shocks in the NFL this first weekend in the NFL.  Thoughts  and comments about the survivors and the losers.

BENGALS…Joe Cool beat the Silver and Black with a (244Y) passing day in the face of a pretty intense pass rush.  The Raiders could not cope with JaMarr Chase (9R-116Y).  and rookie K-Evan McPherson kicked 4-more field goals when Burrow could not get Cincinnati into the end zone.  Derek Carr showed guts to hang in there and give his team a chance to win.  Josh Jacobs has strung together back to back good games (127APY) but the Bengals kept a lid on Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller to send the Raiders back to Las Vegas with a loss.

RAIDERS…Self destructed with horrible offensive line penalties that negated plays of 9-14-30 and 39-yards.  And the Raiders mishandled a kickoff at their own two, stepping out of bounds, that put Carr in terrible field position.  That plus 3-pass drops on guys running side open.   Carr ran out of good luck at the end, in losing the only playoff game of his career.  Now we wait to see what owner Mark Davis does about this head coaching situation, Rich Bisaccia or Jim Harbaugh?

BILLS…Remember the stretch when the Bills went (3-33) vs Tom Brady when he was the Patriots QB?  Now the Bills took out all those years of resentment but buried Bill Belichick (47-17) in the worst postseason beating Belichick has had in 21-years wearing Patriots colors.  Josh Allen worked his magic.  RB-Devin Singletary had (81Y) rushing and the Buffalo defense battered the Pats offense.  Playing home games in the cold helped too, same thing for next weekends game.

PATRIOTS…They are not the same team we saw destroy the Chargers at midseason.  They finish the season getting blown out, and losing 3-of their last 4-games.  They gave up (482Y) in the horror show loss.  QB-Mac Jones looks as if he hit a wall, with a ton of turnovers at the back end of the schedule.  He had 2-more picks, another fumble, sacked 3-times.  Some big time off season evaluation coming about the makeup of the New England roster.  They look a long ways away,, closer to being mediocre rather than very good.

TAMPA BAY…Typical Tom Brady, driving the Bucs to an early (31-0) lead over Philadelphia.. Even without Chris Godwin-Antonio Brown-Leonard Fournette, the Bucs still made plays and got them scores.  And the Bucs defense, getting injured guys back and throttling the Philadelphia offense until the game was in their pocket.  Next week will be tougher.

EAGLES…Young teams in the playoffs have to learn about what the post-season is like and it was painful for Jalen Hurts and his young teammages.  Yes they will learn alot by virtue of the beating they took.  Only concern there, defense has alot of age on it and still haven’t been rewarded with a postseason win.

49ers….They won is the hostile venue in Dallas.  They are so tough, now getting healthy, and playing with bold confidence.  They throw it to George Kittle and Deebo Samuels, and they run it with Elijah Matichell and Samuel.  They beat your brains out on defense.  There are so many components that Jim Garoppolo manages so well on that offense.  You know you will be in a street fight if you have to play then, and they are hot right now under Kyle Shanahan.

COWBOYS..What a devastating loss st home.  Dak Prescott did not have much help.  Amari Cooper makes lots of money but isn’t targeted enough for me.  Where was Cee Dee Lamb on Sunday?  Ced Wilson this weekend?  What happened to the run game.  The offensie line melted down with all these penalties.  By the time they finished Dallas had 14-penalties that ruined the game and negated a strong defensive performance.  What an awful finish to what had been a good season

CHIEFS…It took them awhile to get going, TJ Watt had alot to do with that, but then Patrick Mahomes started spraying the ball around, and the Chiefs speed just took over the game.  Holding KC without a TD for an entire quarter was impressive.  But then it was over.  You can stop the Chiefs for 3-possessions, but what do you do over the next 7-times they get the ball.  21-points in the second quarter proved my point.  KC scored 35-points in a row.  Patrick Mahomes was typical Mahomes, over 400-yards passing and 5-TD passes, to anyone-everyone.

STEELERS…Same old same old situation.  Offensive line, with so many new pieces, can’t run block, can’t protect, and Ben Roesthlisberger is left staging a one man war.  Was not helped by all of his receivers dropping passes and his reliable tight end not betting open.  The Steelers had 40-yards on offense at halftime.  Their QB was (4-12) passing just before halftime.  And his offense had just 43-yards in offense by halftime.  Not his fault, but him being a victim of what was happening around him.  His career ends on a down note, but what a big man, big time producer, and leader of men in Pittsburgh. And life after Ben begins on Monday.   This was long season, going to be a longer off season.

RAMS-CARDINALS….Quarterback duel coming Monday night.  Matthew Stafford and Kyler Murray will make big plays.  The question who turns it over.  Which pass rush gets to the quarterback.  Should be a good game.

CHARGERS….Somewhere in my heart I think the Chargers deserved to be in one of these playoff games.  Think they would have done better than the Raiders in Cincinnati or Steelers in Kansas City?  Sorry but Brandon Staley’s in game decisions betrayed his quarterback and took his team out of the playoffs.  Anybody not named Spanos feels that way.  What a shame




1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL–In Search of a General Manager”

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NFL-Help Wanted–GMs”—————

Bad football teams scatter the NFL landscape this weekend.
8-NFL Coaches have been fired.

In an extraordinary turn of events, purges in the front office happened too.
3-NFL GMs lost their jobs too.

Here’s a look at which team is looking at which GM candidates, and there are alot of them out there. Courtesy of Pro Football Talk

Chicago Bears

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, vice president of football operations (Browns): Interview requested
Morocco Brown, director of college scouting (Colts): Interview requested
Ran Carthon, director of player personnel (49ers): Interview requested
Glenn Cook, vice president of player personnel (Browns): Interviewed 1/12
Ed Dodds, vice president of player personnel (Colts): Interview requested
Jeff Ireland, assistant general manager (Saints): Interview requested
Omar Khan, vice president of football and business administration: Interview requested
Joe Schoen, assistant general manager (Giants): Interview requested
Eliot Wolf, senior consultant (Patriots): Interview requested
Minnesota Vikings

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, vice president of football operations (Browns): Interview requested
Glenn Cook, vice president of player personnel (Browns): Interview requested
John Spytek, vice president of player personnel (Buccaneers): Interview requested
Eliot Wolf, senior consultant (Patriots): Interview requested
New York Giants

Kevin Abrams, assistant general manager (Giants): Mentioned as candidate; interest waning?
Ran Carthon, director of player personnel (49ers): Interview requested
Ryan Cowden, vice president of player personnel (Titans): Interview requested
Quentin Harris, vice president of player personnel (Cardinals): To interview 1/13
Joe Hortiz, director or player personnel (Ravens): Interview requested
Monti Ossenfort, director of player personnel (Titans): Interview requested
Adam Peters, assistant general manager (49ers): Interview requested
Ryan Poles, executive director of player personnel (Chiefs): To interview 1/13
Joe Schoen, assistant general manager (Bills): Interviewed 1/12
Adrian Wilson, vice president of pro personnel (Cardinals): Interviewed 1/12


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NFL–Let the Interviews Begin”

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“NFL-Let the Interview Begin”


Almost one-quarter of the NFL head coaches have been fired, just days into the NFL off season.

And now the search begins to find the right leader.

Here comes the parade of the ‘hot’ coordinators on some other NFL team.
Or possibly going to get a veteran head coach-who washed out some place else.
Sometimes guys come out of retirement and bounce back in the NFL.
Unlikely would be a college coach, not after the Urban Meyer disaster with the Jaguars.

Here’s a quick look at teams and candidates, and what might happen, courtesy of Pro Football Talk.com

Last year, seven NFL teams opted to make a head coaching change. With the Giants firing Joe Judge late Tuesday afternoon, there are now seven full-time vacancies available this year.

Listed below are the head coaching candidates that have been linked to each of the teams with vacancies, along with their current status. If and when other teams decide to make head coaching changes, they’ll be added to this list. Here is the current breakdown:

Chicago Bears

Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator (Buccaneers): Interview requested
Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator (Bills): Interview requested
Matt Eberflus, defensive coordinator (Colts): Interview requested
Brian Flores, former head coach (Dolphins): Interview requested
Leslie Frazier, defensive coordinator (Bills): To interview 1/16
Nathaniel Hackett, offensive coordinator (Packers): To interview 1/15
Byron Leftwich, offensive coordinator (Buccaneers): Interview requested
Doug Pederson, former head coach (Eagles): To interview 1/12
Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator (Cowboys): Interview requested

Denver Broncos

Eric Bieniemy, offensive coordinator (Chiefs): Interview requested
Brian Callahan, offensive coordinator (Bengals): Interview requested
Jonathan Gannon, defensive coordinator (Eagles): Interview requested
Luke Getsy, quarterbacks coach (Packers): To interview 1/15
Aaron Glenn, defensive coordinator (Lions): To interview 1/13
Nathaniel Hackett, offensive coordinator (Packers): To interview 1/15
Jerod Mayo, linebackers coach (Patriots): Interview requested
Kellen Moore, offensive coordinator (Cowboys): Interview requested
Kevin O’Connell, offensive coordinator (Rams): Interview requested
Doug Pederson, former head coach (Eagles): Interview requested
Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator (Cowboys): Interview requested

Jacksonville Jaguars
Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator (Buccaneers): Interviewed 1/3
Jim Caldwell, former head coach (Lions): Interviewed 1/4
Matt Eberflus, defensive coordinator (Colts): Interview requested
Nathaniel Hackett, offensive coordinator (Packers): To interview 1/14
Byron Leftwich, offensive coordinator (Buccaneers): Interviewed 1/7
Kellen Moore, offensive coordinator (Cowboys): Interviewed 1/7
Bill O’Brien, former head coach (Texans): To interview 1/13
Doug Pederson, former head coach (Eagles): Interviewed 1/6
Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator (Cowboys): Declined early interview

Las Vegas Raiders

Jim Harbaugh, former head coach (49ers): Mentioned as candidate; early frontrunner?

Miami Dolphins

Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator (Bills): Interview requested
Vance Joseph, defensive coordinator (Cardinals): Interview requested
Mike McDaniel, offensive coordinator (49ers): Interview requested
Kellen Moore, offensive coordinator (Cowboys): Interview requested
Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator (Cowboys): Interview requested

Minnesota Vikings

Doug Pederson, former head coach (Eagles): Interview expected



1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “College QB Crisis-Chaos”

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” The QB Carousel”


We have never seen this before, but we have seen the fallout almost weekly in college football.

The NCAA has introduced free agency to college players, as a form of players rights, much like the NIL legislation involving player payments.

What we have seen however is the destruction of team rosters.  We have seen coaches have to re-recruit the players they brought in and had success with.

What started with rules that players could transfer as graduate students and play immediately, has been followed by new legislation that players, any age, any class, can transfer and play immediately.

Therefore, a transfer portal has exploded that includes nearly 2100 football players this off season.

Players rights activists say coaching changes, coaching firings, changes in systems, and NCAA sanctions, should allow players to move without restrictions.

Alabama is a prime example.  18-hours after their loss to Georgia in the Championship playoff game, 7-players entered the transfer portal including starters at TE and WR.  The Crimson Tide is the epic program in college football, and guys are jumping ship, looking for better deals..

The quarterback position is as vital a spot in college football as it is in the NFL, and as of this morning there have been 21-quarterbacks who have already transferred.

Close to home, San Diego State lost QB-Lucas Johnson, coming off a bowl win, who transferred to Montana for his final year as a grad student transfer.  This after Brady Hoke and staff spent 2-years getting him up to speed to become efficient.  And he did, finishing with his best outing in the bowl game win over Texas-San Antonio.  He leaves and will go play at Montana, an FCS-1AA school for Bobby Hauck, a fine coach, and a former Aztec.  But it’s Big Sky Conference.  Makes no sense to me.

Look at what is happening at USC.  You yearn for the days of Carson Palmer-Matt Leinert-Sam Darnold.  Instead we have coaching turmoil, from Lane Kiffin to Clay Helton.  We go from JT Daniels, the bluechip phenom, who started, got hurt, lost his job, and took off to Georgia.  He got hurt again and lost his job to JUCO transfer  Stetson Bennett, who drove the Bulldogs to the title.

Kedon Slovis replaced Daniels, established big numbers, got hurt himself and lost the job to Jaxson Dart last year.  Slovis has transferred to Pitt.  Now Dart has entered the portal too,  because Oklahoma’s Caleb Williams may join Lincoln Riley his head coach, in LA.  And of course this was all triggered by the Trojans loss of Bryce Young, who bailed out of his verbal commitment at the last minute to go to Alabama.

UCLA has gone untouched in all this.  Despite the uncertainty of Chip Kelly’s status after a strange group of years, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, will return for an extra year, rather than leave for another team or the NFL..  The Bruins thought they had landed UCF’s explosive thrower Dillon Gabriel, but he left before he enrolled and suddenly was an Oklahoma Sooner.

It’s chaotic everywhere.

Washington Huskies QB Chase Garbers transfers to Cal, then Purdue’s starting QB Jack Plummer heads to the Golden Bears a year later.

Washington, which won a bitter recruiting battle for Dylan Morris, may lose him because the Huskies just landed Michael Penix, the Indiana Hoosiers starter.

Washington State’s outstanding freshman QB Jayden deLLaura puts up big numbers, and then exits after the Nick Rolovich firing to go to Arizona.  The Cougars replaced him getting Division II passing star Cameron Ward, who threw 47-TDs at a lower level and has 3-years eligibility left.

Oregon wound up with a good QB from Boston College, Anthony Brown, now he’s gone, replaced by Auburn’s starting QB-Bo Nix.

Wyoming’s record setting freshman Levi Mitchell bolted a day after the Cowboys won a bowl game, wanting to go other places, and wound up at Utah State

Colorado State’s big throwing QB-Todd Centelo  dropped down a notch to go to 1AA James Madison University.

Hawaii’s Chad Cordeiro didn’t like the coach, and came stateside to San Jose State.

Ohio State lost hotshot prospect Quinn Ebers, who became a Texas Longhorn.

Spencer Rattler bailed at Oklahoma and landed at South Carolina.

Virginia Tech got Jason Brown of South Caroiina who moved when Rattler arrived from the Big 12.

Nebraska’s 4-year starter Adrian Martinez said goodbye, transferring to Kansas State.

Texas’ Casey Thompson bailed from the Longhorns after a lousy season, and resurfaced at Nebraska.

Texas AM wound up with Max Johnson, who defected from LSU..  That was after the Aggies starter Zach Calzado wound up at the Auburn.

LSU, Virginia Tech, Duke, Georgia Tech all lost starters.  Kansas lost 2-quarterbacks.

Someone will have to argue long and hard how free movement is good for college football.  I know it’s bad in many cases, especially at a Group of 5-school to have so many QB defections..

This was a bad decision, among many bad decisions under the Mark Emmert leadership model at the NCAA office.

As 1-coach sounded off, N-C-A-A stands for Nobody-Cares-At-All, especially about the stability of college football programs.

Connect the dots..it leads you to college football chaos.