1-Man’s Opinion Column-Friday “Dodgers–The Dilema”

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“Dodgers Dilema–Lots of Them”


Strong armed pitcher
Big money free agent
Free spirit
In trouble-big trouble.

All of the above describe Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer, still on baseball’s suspended list, while Pasadena police continue an investigation into sexual assault charges demanded by a San Diego woman, who said she was beaten-raped in the course of consensual rough sex with the Dodgers pitcher.

The case is ugly for lots of reasons.

Famous pitcher, who signed a 3-year-102M free agent contract in LA.

A woman who stalked him, texted him, wrote him about wanting rough sex, including strangulation.

Bauer, who made the decision to see her twice, assaulted her twice, the way she wanted.

All this physical evidence, police reports, medical reports of injuries, pictures of the beating she took

Somewhere, someone will have to determine where the line is drawn between rough sex and rape.

But the lingering questions swirl around Bauer, a smart guy from UCLA.

Why would you get involved in this?

Yes men watch porn, go to strip clubs, hit on women.  But that is very different from the type of violent act Bauer is accused of doing.

Baseball will suspend him because the evidence is more than ‘he said-she said.’.  It’s right there for all in court to see.  Violence equals injuries.

MLB has handed down suspensions from 20-games to 162-games for domestic incidents in the past two years, as the Commissioner’s office takes a strong stand on this type of behaviour.

Dodgers hotshot pitcher Julio Urias was hit with 20-game suspension for knocking his fiancee to the ground last year in an argument in public.

Giants pitcher Sam Dyson was handed a 162-game-full season suspension for violent acts against his wife.

Aroldis Chapman of the Yankees served 30-games for pulling and firing a gun in a family dispute.

Addison Russell of the Cubs was fingered for two years of abuse by his wife as they went thru an angry divorce, served a 40-game suspension, but was released.

Houston reliever Roberto Osuna sat out 75-games for a sexual misconduct act of violence with a woman.

Yankees pitching phenom Domingo German sat out 82-games for violent acts against women.

The Padres minor league pitcher Jose Torres was suspended for 100-games for  a pistol-whipping incident in the off season a couple of years back, and is out of baseball.

Pirates closer Felipe Vasquez is suspended indefiniely, awaiting sentencing in a sex case with a 15-year old girl he had a relationship with,  for two years.

The Dodgers dilemma is complicated.

Can they cut him loose and void the 102M on his contract?

Would they do it without a fight from the union?

Can they do it, if he is never charged in the case?

Do the Dodgers take a public stance about the kind of people they want on the team, making Bauer an example?.

Can the Dodgers dump him, having already lost top young pitcher Trevor May for the year with elbow surgery…with Clayton Kershaw battling forearm issues, in the heat of a 3-team pennant race?

In the wake of the MLB suspension of ex Angels pitching coach Mickey Calloway….the firing of 3-Mets executives for their parts in sexual harassment, this is a very different case.

A frontline star player.  Ugly texts made public.  Damning pictures.  And a franchise historically famous for doing things ‘the Dodgers Way’.

Lots to consider for LA.  Even more to consider for a star player, a smart guy, why would you put yourself and your franchise in this position?

I think Bauer gets 50-games because injuries were involved.
The Dodgers decision, very complicated.

Pennant race time and dilema time for Dodger Blue.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion Column-Friday “Dodgers–The Dilema””

  1. Steve says:

    Dustin May, loser! Proof read yourself!

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      I write every word…proof read it all..sometimes spell check flips things…

      I do write all this content daily.

      Hope you appreciate the effort

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