1-Man’s Opinion Column–Friday…. “Passing the Torch-Without Passing the Basketball”

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“Passing the Torch-Without Passing the Basketball”


The best of seven championship playoff series started last night, in typical raucous fashion.

Golden State-Cleveland, a (104-89) Warriors win, with wild point sprees, and unlikely heroes guiding the Warriors. This is a series that will go back and forth till we get to Game 7-and someone has to win.

The NBA could not have scripted this thing any better.

The Warriors, who shattered the single season win record (73), bypassing the Bulls (72) mark. In the process, shooting the lights out from beyond the 3-point arc.

The Cavaliers, driven to greatness by the return of King James, returning to Cleveland to get the Cavaliers to the finals for the second year in a row. And for the man famous for his decision to take his talents to South Beach, it is the 7th championship series in a row.

The NBA baton has surely been passed. From the eras of Bill Russell and the Celtics-vs-Jerry West-Elgin Baylor-Wilt and the Lakers. The came Magic-vs-Byrd and the Celtics-Lakers era revisited.

If that was not enough, Air Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. And then Kobe-Shaq, or was it Kobe-vs-Shaq.

Here we stand with the next echelon of greatness, Steph Curry and his Splash Brothers-vs-LeBron James and the King and his court.

The NBA is a league of galaxy stars, whose talents then allow for great teams to be built around them..

It is a different era for sure. No longer great teams like Red Auerbach’s Celtics, nor the Nasty Boys of Detroit, or the Miami Dream Team, the Knicks of Willis Reed, nor the 76ers but rather the individual icon making everyone else around him great.

The NBA product. “Passing the Torch-with guys who don’t have to “Pass the Basketball”.

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