1-Man’s Opinion Column-Friday “Red-White & Blue-Black Eye-Olympics”

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“Red-White & Blue-Black Eye”


It’s not a big thing really, but it’s become a big thing now.

The venue, the people involved, the hypocrisy.

What was Ryan Lochte thinking about, when he formulated the ‘Brazilian Police robbery’ story to cover-up a night of drinking on the town?

What was the USOC thinking with there initial statements ‘we believe our athletes’, before an investigation had begun?

What about the IOC, ripping the national media for taking the story and running with it, saying ‘let the boys have fun’?

Everybody has issues now.

The 4-American swimmer liked to the police. In Brazil they believe it is a sign of disrespect, treating authorities like a bunch of rubes, that you can do anything, say anything. In our country, lies to the police become ‘obstruction of justice’.

It becomes a legal issue with passports seized of three swimmers, while Lochte sits at home in the US, having gotten out early from Rio.

For the Olympic officials, another smirch on their shiny image, all this after the dope testing-tampering debacle involving the Russian athletes.

In the bigger picture we have the arrogance of all things IOC, and they understanding, they got their money from the games, so they don’t care.

It’s a misdemeanor crime. Breaking down a bathroom door after a night of drinking. They paid the gas station attendant some $30 for what they did.

What they did afterward was worse. The robbery story, the gunmen, the lies, the denials, and now the truth.

The swimmers owe the IOC, USOC and Brazil an apology. They don’t deserve jail time. But they will pay a price, because the USOC will likely hand down some sanctions. The IOC and USOC owe Brazil an apology for their early responses about the case.

I don’t know if it’s equal to Hope Solo’s domestic abuse and alcohol issues, but it’s a violation of code, etiquette and Olympic ethics?. Is it worse than Michael Phelps off season DUI’s?

I should not invoke the word ‘ethics’ around anything with the IOC attached to it. Something about kickbacks , profiteering, scams, shakedowns.

I’d say it’s ‘much ado about nothing, but it has an international tinge to it, so it must be addressed.

But for 24-hours, dealing with drunk swimmers has taken away from the spotlight of the gymnasts, swimmers, sprinters, this second week of the Olympiad.

You’ll recognize Ryan Lochte, the guy with the green hair, wearing red-white and blue, with a black eye.

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