1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday “Chargers-A House of Cards”

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“House of Cards”


Webster’s Dictionary describes “House of Cards” this way.

“Structure or plan that is insubstantial, and subject to imment collapse. A flimsy arrangement, very weak and can be destroyed”

And that sums up a (1-3) San Diego Chargers team, beset by injuries, plagued by faulty leadership, on the brink of utter collapse because its foundation was never solid.

A youthful roster, all serving as backups, now forced into playing time together because of the seige of injuries that has befallen this team for a third year in a row.

The offense is a shell of what it could be because of hurt people and a constant flux of offensive lineman having to play.

The defense is flawed, reliant on a blitz package that does not get lots of sacks, and leaves shaky linebacking exposed to getting beat on pass patterns by anyone and everyone.

And the next time you see Joey Bosa on the field playing, after collecting his money upfront, it will be the first time you’ve seen Joey Bosa playing.

The house of is crumbling too because of its coaching leadership. Mike McCoy’s professional approach is to trot out worn-out cliches and expect the fans and media to accept them.

He has no answers on how to change the personna of his roster. No creativeness how to attack teams differently

No solutions to a defense that has faltered three years in a row with a scheme that looks shiny and new, shaky and shabby come game day.

Bill Belicheck has gone thru 3-quarterbacks, and yet his team is (3-1). The Steelers lost their top running back, hot young receiver to suspensions, and a tight end to retirement, look where they are (3-1).

Kansas City lost it running back, top pass rusher, and had pedestrian receivers, and won 11-games in a row.

The Pats coach, Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh and Andy Reid, know how to rally and fix whatever shortcomings there are.

McCoy’s answer is to use phrases like ‘clean up’, get ‘salty’, have a ‘good game plan’, and that’s the extent of his approach to fixing all that is wrong going towards the next game.

The Chargers house is crumbling. The foundation, the roster is hurt or inexperienced. The mistakes and fourth quarter collapses keep happening.

There never seems to be any accountability at the Fortress. They dumped 9-assistant coaches last year, always looking for scapegoats. This year’s group is not much better than last year’s group.

The constant, the guy who is head coach, and the GM who gave him a contract extension.

Go check Page 422 of the Dictionary for the various descriptions of Chargers football.

Listed under ‘House of Cards’.

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