1-Man’s Opinion Column-Monday “Chargers Draft-Good-Could Have Been Great”

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“Chargers Draft-Good-Could Have Been Great”


This has been a positive off season for the Chargers, considering the last year of negativity we have had to live thru, off the field with the owner, and on the field with the product.

The Bolts came out of NFL draft weekend with a letter grade of “B”, the exact same grade I gave them for their deals in free-agency.

Whereas they got steady and serviceable free agents for their porous defense, they got speed and explosiveness for that defense in the draft.

The Chargers did not go outside in free agency to address the chronic offensive line injury issues. And in the draft, they bypassed 4-established offensive lineman they could have had in the 2nd round, this despite the fact 7-offensive lineman went in the opening round.

Joey Bosa is a 100%-effort guy all the time. Fast, physical, smart, fearless and diverse. Letter grade (A).

Hunter Henry was the tight end of the year in college football. Those 116-receptions, that 14-yard per catch stat, pretty impressive. he can block, he can run, he can be moved all over the place in formations. Maybe a bigger version of the Chiefs Travis Kelce. Letter grade (A)

Max Tuerk started for 3-and-a half years at USC. Fast, physical, but has hand injury problems. A multi-position guy. Big question, can he hold up physically and stay on the field. The Chargers had the worst rated centers in the NFL last year. Letter grade (B)

Joshua Perry becomes a young backup at inside linebacker. He is big and physical and will have to learn the game, as the replacement for the departed Donald Butler. Great size, so we will wait to see if he plays big….Letter grade (B)

Jatavis Brown was an OLB at Akron, who could wind up as a tough guy safety. Was the defensive player of the year in the Mid American Conference, where they throw the ball alot. Has some quicks…but this isn’t Akron and they won’t be playing Kent State….Letter Grade (C)

Drew Kaser is a bomber of a punter coming out of Texas A&M, where he averaged (46.6Y) per punt and did drops kicks inside the 20. He comes as the popular Mike Scifres departs.. Letter Grade (B).

Derek Watt reunites with Melvin Gordon, putting the Wisconsin band back together from Big 10-days. Strong, powerful, runs well, catches the ball, and is tough as cement, like his brother JJ Watt. it took a year of wasted time trying to make Melvin Gordon a 1-back guy. Now how much do they change the offense to help Gordon….Letter Grade (A).

Donavon Clark started two years at Michigan State, so you know he has a road grader mentality. Now the question, is he quick enough to handle everything the NFL upfront is all about. He was a 7th rounder…Letter Grade (C)

But now the burning question. Why did the Chargers bypass highly rated 2nd tier offensive lineman, considering the mass of injuries to 6-of their top 7-lineman last year?

Indiana’s 4-year starting OT-Jason Spriggs was there. The top OC in the Big 10-Michigan’s Graham Glasgow was available. Cody Whitehair of Kansas State, the best in the Big 12, was on the board too.

The Chargers could have, should have seriously considered ULCA’s do everything star Myles Jack. Yes coming off knee surgery, yes concerns about what would happen down the road with his knee, but the potential of an impact player immediately.

Can you imagine Myles Jack lining up with Joey Bosa, coupled with the arrival of those 3-veteran free agents, and the personality of this defense would be drastically changes.

Yes that Arkansas tight end will add bullets to Philip Rivers’ gun, but wouldn’t a quality young offensive lineman to protect that quarterback be equally important.

Sometimes you need to bold, Jack would have been a gamble worth taking. Drafting another offensive lineman would have been a good investment.

So I add up the Chargers picks, I give GM-Tom Telesco a (3.1) GPA for this draft, on proven talent and on potential. But it might have been even higher if he had made a different pick in the 2nd round or at the top of the 3rd.

Good draft. Wish they had dared to be great.

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