1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday. “Super Bowl–Super Blowout–Super Disappointment”

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“Bucs bury Chiefs”


The Super Bowl Showdown became the Super Bowl Meltdown, then the Super Bowl Beatdown.

Tampa Bay crushed the Chiefs (31-9) with dominant play everywhere on the field.

Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl ring, but Tampa Bay’s defense won them the Super Bowl game.

Kansas City’s glitter on offense played like garbage, and when they were done Tampa Bay put the Chiefs offense out on the curb for sanitary pickup first thing Monday morning.

Brady picked apart the KC defense, at one point leading his team to 4-TD drives in the first five possessions, the other drive stopping on downs at the KC one yard line.

The two Bucs running backs, Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones pounded for (150Y) combined rushing.

Rob Gronkowski had 6-catches for 67-yards and crushing blocks that opened up the run game.

But it was Todd Bowles defense that choked off a Chiefs offense that had completed the season averaging (415YPG).

The Bucs defensive metrics were staggering. 2-interceptions…2-fourth down stops…3-sacks..8-hits on the KC-QB and an unheard of 23-pressures forcing Mahomes out of the pocket

And Kansas City self destructed in the 2nd quarter.  A defensive hold on 3rd down; an offsides on a 4th down punt; 2-pass interference calls; a trash-talking penalty.

The Chiefs showed things they have not shown over the last two years when they were in the midst of 25-wins in a 27-game span.

Patrick Mahomes finished with (270Y) passing, most of it when the game was over.  It’s the worst loss he has had in his short storied career.  It’s the first time since his days at Texas Tech he never got his team into the end zone. And the next coming superstar was (1-9) on third down passes till late in the game.

Travis Kelce had 10-catches for 133-yards, most of that late in the game.  Tyreek Hill had only 3-catches till late in the 3rd quarter.

Stagefright wrecked their punter Johnny Townsend who shanked punts 27-and-29 yards and dropped a long snap on another 4th down kick.

And the Chiefs wound up with 11-penalties for 125-yards.

The Chiefs had no answers for anything Tampa did.  The two backup offensive tackles were like revolving doors at a Macy’s store.  Beaten and twisted and turned around time and again by the fierce pass rush.  Remember that stat-23 pressures of their superstar QB.  Brady was sacked once, hit just twice.

Mahomes watched Hill get double teamed virtually all night.  Kelce was blanketed by Bucs linebackers till the game stumbled into the 4th quarter.

Brady is the Greatest of all time.  But how about the Bucs defense, running over 3-great quarterbacks in a row in the postseason, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and now Mahomes.

And a resurrection game for the aging Gronkowski, and the refugee running back Leonard Fournette, dumped by Jacksonville, but running over people and catching passes in the Super Bowl.

The blueprint expected a shootout game on Sunday.  Instead it became a shootdown massacre on Sunday.

The way you play the day you play.  Tampa Bay beat Kansas City every-which-way.

A Super Bowl win on the Suncoast for the Bucs.


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4 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion Column–Monday. “Super Bowl–Super Blowout–Super Disappointment””

  1. Fernando says:

    Long time fan, miss your shows at 1090, are you still on air?

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Just doing Saturday morning Sports Package on KUSI TV at 6:30am and 9:50am…and writing daily on website right now…so follow me daily

  2. Enjoyed this. Hope you are well.


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