1-Man’s Opinion Column-Thursday-11/12 “Do You Care-How Do You Feel Chargers Fans”

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Is anybody reading this? Does anybody care any longer?

From the “Just Asking” Department, I always wonder who reads my 1-Man’s Opinion Columns, and what they think about the topics I put on the table.

I also ask, with the latest developements in the last 24-hours involving the Chargers, the NFL, and Carson, what do you feel, do you care?

In the latest chapter of ‘upstaging’ Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s sales pitch to NFL owner, the Chargers conveniently announce they have worked a deal with Bob Iger, the CEO from Disney, to become the top executive of Carson LLC, the entire Stadum construction project, if the NFL approves the Carson project.

This within hours of the Mayor’s face to face meeting in New York with NFL owners, as he detailed everything he has tried to do, but has been rebuffed by owner Dean Spans and his carpetbagger spokesman Mark Fabiani.

Just another chapter in the book of how to destroy relationships with a city that has given you 51-years of loyal season ticket support.

Think back to all the other stunts announced engineered by Spanos, that co-incided with San Diego announcements of their plan to save the team.’

The announcement of the Carson land acqusition.

The linkup with Mark Davis as a co-partner in Carson.

The hiring of Carmon Policy to oversee Carson.

The Fabiani multiple-condemnation of the CSAG committee formation, its studies, its announcement.

Every day there would be something positive scheduled by the city-county civic leaders, it would be detonated by Chargers ownership attempting to usurp San Diego’s intentions.

Just wondering what kind of person Dean Spanos has become? Just wondering why fans would continue to go to games? Just wondering why corporate sponsors would want to continue to do business with him and his franchise?

Of course I will also ask, what does Spanos do the day the NFL signs off on Stan Kroenke getting the franchise at Hollywood Park?

Will there be another stunt, with Spanos announcing he will stay in San Diego, and try to sales pitch the community, ‘look at what I am doing, electing to stay in San Diego-let’s work together.’

The Chargers always try to be outfront and upstage Faulconer.

Here’s a real question.

I wonder what they are planning to do the day Faulconer announces the NFL stays in San Diego and Mark Davis will relocate the brand “Raiders” to be based in San Diego?

So I am asking for responses. What do you feel? Do you care? What do you think about the owner or about the mayor?

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