1-Man’s Opinion Column-Thursday “Pointed Questions to the Chargers”

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“Questions-Questions-Everyone Has Questions”


The Chargers Stadium initiative has been released. Lots of questions now need to be answered.

JMI….They were supposed to be a partner in this deal, but the 110-page document talks about the Chargers, financing plan, and the use of the hotel tax and its disbursement of money. Is JMI no longer part of the equation?

Stadium design….Fred Maas and his lawyers got alot accomplished in six weeks, but there is no stadium design right now, and as we know, no architect hiring has been finalized. Does it matter who designs it and what it looks like, as long as we know the cost?

If getting a consenus from key people was so very important, why is the Mayor and City Hall not yet on board with the plan?

If the key decision makers in the city are the hoteliers, why have they not signed off on the packaging of this deal, considering they will get money thru the initiitive to continue their marketing work on behalf of the city and will likely have more events coming to San Diego?

If the big players are not yet in line to support this, why would Dean Spanos and Mark Fabiani spend time meeting with fans groups, like ‘Save our Bolts’, when they don’t carry much clout beyond their yes vote if they live in the city?

Did the Chargers meet face to face with the Convention Center executives to try and find a middle ground between the Bayfront expansion vs the Convadium idea?

The Coastal Commission says it is supporting the Bayfront idea, and Comic.con has echoed that theory. Did the Chargers meet with them?

If JMI is no longer part of the Tailgate Park project does that open the door for John Moores and his firm to be the catalyst to work with the city and county on a new project at the Qualcomm sight, that might involve the Riverwalk project, campus expansion at San Diego State, and even a Sports Arena and or an Aztecs-MLS Stadium?

If the Kevin Faulconer-Ron Roberts 350M donation to the Q-sight is no longer part of a Chargers Stadium, can it become the seed money for Q-expansion in projects that JMI wants to create at the Q-sight?

The Chargers for years said selling PSL’s was not possible in a market like San Diego, now they expect fans to help fund a portion of the Spanos contribution to the downtown project. Why would you think fans now want to fork over 2,500 -to-10,000 per ticket for a seat license in 2016?

If the Chargers are planning on using Stadium Naming rights money for the downtown stadum, coupled with PSL money from the fans, is the Spanos family going to put any of their own money into the project?

Why were a number of working media, television and radio and print-websites, excluded when invitations were handed out for a private screening on Wednesday night infront of Spanos-Fabiani-Mass? 12-different media organizations were not invited. Selective discriminaiton of the media taking place, when you want across the board media support?

Questions worth asking about the why’s and wherefore’s of this proposal.


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