1-Man’s Opinion Column-Thursday “Solving the San Diego Chargers Crisis”

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“Bosa-Big Dollars-Big Mistake”


They’re both wrong, but no one is suffering yet. If this goes much longer, everyone suffers.

The Joey Bosa-Chargers holdout-standoff, is now 1-week old. He’s now missed a full week of camp, working at full speed, and now in full pads.

The team is still another week away from the first preseason game, but time now becomes critical, because the team is in ‘installation mode’.

Everything they want to use during the regular season gets put in. All defensive formations, alignment, audibles. All the blitzes, the calls to drop coverage, nickle-dime-zone blitz schemes.

And once you install it, you practice it till it becomes instant recognition, based on formations, on adjustments at the line of scrimagge.

Ever read the phone book. Players tell me John Pagano’s defensive playbook is like that, complex, and takes time to understand.

The Ohio State first round pick may be in Florida staying in game shape, running and lifting, but he’s not here, and the mental part of what he is missing is staggering.

NFL holdouts like this supposedly went away with the Bonus-slot system in the last CBA. Bosa is the only holdout of the 223-players drafted in April.

He wants all 17M of his signing bonus paid upfront. He does not want a chunk of it deferred till 2017 without interest.

The Chargers historically paid 66% of their bonus money on signing, with the remaining third paid March 1st the following year.

But the Chargers have not had a high number 1-pick, this high, since Philip Rivers went 1-2 with the Eli Manning trade more than a decade ago. Rivers held out 3-weeks, but he was coming in as a backup to Drew Brees at that point and facing a 2-year learning curve.

The Chargers are still trying to do NFL business as if it were under the old agreement, not the current one.

Sources say over the last four years, covering the top five picks in the draft, 16-of-20 had all their signing bonus money delivered that first year. And none of those top five picks, in any of those years, had ‘off-set’ language, in case they were released.

So all this raises lots of questions.

Do the Chargers have a real cash-flow problem, they don’t or can’t write a 17M check?

This ia new set of rules, a new CBA, so why not do what others, who have had the high-high picks have done.

Why is Bosa beefing about the guaranteed money? He’s going to get it all, lots now, the rest in 7-months. For someone whol told us he is “All Football-All the Time” and comes from a father in football-John Bosa, there sure seems to be misguided.

He’s missing alot of learning curve time, and soon, real-honest live-fire playing time, by not being here, in the classroom, on the field, and in that lockeroom.

A compromise? Yes, maybe. Have the Chargers pay him the 11.1M they want now. Deliver the other 6M with ‘attached’ interest, next March.

I don’t want to hear any excuse out of Team Spanos about money spent on stadium studies, LA-Carson-Coliseum-14 locations in San Diego-Tailgate Park. You chose that. You cannot hold Bosa and his agent responsible for all the money Team Spanos wasted away with ideas that never got off the ground.

Not accepting the ‘cash flow issue’ either, since this team makes 15-to-25M profits per year according my NFL sources.

If he’s not here this time next week, then it gets really ugly.

We’ve seen what ugly is all about, namely the Chargers defense in recent years.

Dean Spanos-quit being cheap. Joey Bosa-quit being stupid.


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