1-Man’s Opinion Column–Tuesday “Golden State-No Conscience-Lots of Soul”

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“Golden State-Blue Ribbon Performance”


The Golden State Warriors have no conscience. All they have are victories to prove what they can do.

They will shoot and shoot and shoot. If it goes in, they win, if it does not, they do not. But they never stop launching amazing three point shots.

Just ask the Oklahoma City Thunder, who tried to grab the gold ring, and got another booby prize exit from the NBA playoffs. The Thunder had a (3-1) edge in the series and turned it into 3-losses in a row, to go home for the summer. It’s funny how a shot or two can turn a game.

Oklahoma City had an 11-point lead and the ball and looked as if they were about to drive the Warriors off the floor, when Russell Westbrooke took two bad shots in a row with time on the clock and also turned it over. End result, a Warriors rally.

It’s funny how a shot or two can turn a game.

Klay Thompson was (0-7) shooting, and immediately after Westbrook’s bad first shot, he lit the fuse. When he was done, Thompson had drained four straight baskets from the arc, and triggered an (11-2) run. Goodbye Oke City lead, hello Golden State comeback.

Same thing in the 3rd quarter. Steph Curry went on a rampage. He hit 3-straight 3’s with people draped all over him, and that ignited a (12-0) burst. Effectively game over, regardless of what Kevin Durant tried.

For the second game in a row, OKC blew a 13-point lead. It rained indoors, rained 3-points baskets again, as Steve Kerr’s team, with no conscience, but lots of soul, hit 17-threes on Monday night, that after a 21-basket barrage from the arc in the Saturday night come-from-behind shootout.

It must be devastating in OKC to have Durant and Westbrook and Serge Ibaka, and to keep getting knocked out of the playoffs every year.

Golden State is a 3-Muskateer team. The 2-shooters and the slugger in Draymond Green. But that bench helped them again, especially journeyman Sean Livingston in the Monday rally.

Up next, bring on King James and his court, LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Whereas Oklahoma City is a two man team, the Cavs will run LeBron and Kevin Love at you. Add in Kyrie Irving and JR Smith stroking from the outside, and the Cavs may have the firepower to match Golden State in the NBA finals rematch.

We know King James will push the tempo. We know the Warriors will keep launching bombs from the parking lot. Don’t know if we can see anything wilder in the State-Cleveland series than what we just came thru in the 7-game Oklahoma City ordeal.

But we know one thing, No fear, no conscience, just lots of 3-point shots. That’s who Golden State is.


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