1-Man’s Opinion Column–Tuesday “The Kid QB-Can Do”

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“The Kid QB-Can Do”





So what are we to make of Cam Newton, the heart-the soul-the smile of the Carolina Panthers?



The diverse and dynamic athlete, who has driven the Panthers back to relevance from the decay and obscurity they had been.


The athlete with the big cannon arm and the bigger than life ever-present smile.


Quarterbacks with promise come and go. For every Cam Newton there has been a JaMarcus Russell of the Raiders. For every big play he makes, you think of the failures of a Vince Young in Tennessee. For the spectacular athlete he has become you wonder whatever went wrong with Robert Griffin III. For all the hype he got coming in, he made it, but Johnny Manziel has not.


There will always be critics everywhere. Cam is a showboater. Cam is a hot dog. Cam is self-serving. Cam is too full of himself.


The preening for the cameras after all those touchdown passes and runs, 47-to be exact this year now, you must give him credit. His talents allow that to happen. He makes all the plays, without a lot of household names around him. Can you name me any of his star wide receivers? Does anyone outside of Mecklenberg County know who his tight end is. Bet few can name the group of running backs he has. And his offensive line, nameless and faceless are unidentifiable.



Should we be offended he is so active? No we should be impressed with his raw talent. Should we hold it against him, he always smiles? No, it’s a byproduct of all he puts into the game and what he gets out of it? Do we know very much about him? Yes we do, from the end product at Blinn Junior College, at Auburn, and what he has become in Carolina.


Yes he made an immature comment about being an ‘African American quarterback who scares people-because you cannot compare anyone to him’. Maybe it came out wrong, came out sideways, came out stupid.


But as they kickoff come Sunday, know this. He has played in big games all his life. The stage has never seemed too big for him. And the end result is he wins.



We respect and enjoy the business like style of Peyton Manning, the fire and tenacity of Tom Brady, the class and leadership of Philip Rivers, and the play of the other really good quarterbacks in the NFL. But this guy is different, as a player and a person.



Cam Newton plays the game with ‘joy’ and I think that’s pretty neat. Enjoy the theatrics, for his backs it all up with his greatness.



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