1-Man’s Opinion Column-Wednesday “Chargers-On the Field-On the Sidelines”

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“Chargers-On the Field-On the Sidelines”


Opening week of the preseason schedule.

The intensity has ramped up in Chargers camp, prepping for the Saturday night road exhibition game in Nashville against Tennessee.

The week has been marked by some scraps between offensive and defensive lineman, and Coach Mike McCoy likes that tenacity. But fights in camp are foolish-meaningless. You’d hate to have DJ Fluker break his hand punching some free agent in a scrap. Fights in games lead to 15-yard penalties in games.
Mc Coy wouldn’t be happy about that.

No word on the extent of the surgery to receiver Stevie Johnson. Torn meniscus is a serious injury if the damage is extensive. The club likes to withold injury information, eventhough Johnson could be gone 10-weeks, maybe the year. What’s the difference right now. Tell the media so we can tell the fans.

Is there a change in offensive philosphy coming? If the Chargers are loading the offense with two tights and a fullback, adding Sean McGrath at tight end with Derek Watt at fullback, it figures they are going to pound the ball a bunch. They’re not going to walk away from the passing game, but if you can run it, make defenses load the box, then you can throw it on single coverages.

Please, I don’t believe it, Melvin Gordon returning kickoffs. Too valuable a commodity for that risk. Brandon Oliver, or a speed backup receiver should handle that.

Offensive front so far-so good in terms of health. But you hold your breath with the concussion history of King Dunlop and Fluker upfront.

Hard to believe Joey Bosa has now missed 22-practices and 39-meetings, especially for someone who pronounced themselves ‘all football all the time’ when he came to camp for his first meeting with the media.

They can say and write all they want about Mantei Te’o and his linebacker improvement. Till I see him making plays consistently, not tackles behind the line of scrimmage, or be able to cover people on pass routes, I won’t buy that he is a finished product. Football instinct is great, but you have to make plays at the point of attack.

Will be fascinating to watch the safeties operate without Eric Weddle lining up the defense. But for all the positives, Weddle whiffed on lots of tackles though. Will see if Dwight Lowery can be sure handed when he hits people.

Who is going to earn snaps at wide receiver once the bullets start flying for real? I assume 6’3 Tyrell Williams gets a real opportunity for Philip Rivers likes big targets and yards after catch. Third year CFL-guy Donnie Inman is more a route runner, but with good hands. Jevonte Herndon has been nicked and not practicing, falling behind the race right now. He played well down the stretch last season when the team plunged to a (4-12) mark.

Owner Dean Spanos spent a half hour talking to GM-Tom Telesco during practice. The team is being mocked nationally for its stance on Joey Bosa. I don’t think having a winning season will have any impact on the Stadium vote. There are so many unanswered questions, so much opposition, I don’t see how this thing passes. And there is no longer a threat to move to LA. Stan Kroenke and the Rams own the market, season ticket wise, and corporate sponsor wise.

Things to watch for this weekend, the health of the offensive line if they are in there for more than just a series. Keep an eye on Darius Philon, who showed quickness last year at pass rusher, before going down with an injury, and active Tenny Palepoi, who played well in spurts in 2014 before getting hurt in camp last year. With no Bosa, somebody has to step up to go get the quarterback.

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