1-Man’s Opinion-Friday-10/9 ‘Superb and Staggering Pitching Numbers’

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You remember the great year that Bob Gibson had as a starting pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1968, their World Series season.

The numbers were so dominant, so phenominal, baseball changed rules the following year about the height of the mound etc.

Throwing heat, bringing gas, he scorched guys in the batters box.  Just reminding you how great he was:


Very few since that time have come close to those stats over the decades, until this summer.

Amidst the era of big time sluggers, year round workouts, supplements, Latin stars and more, introducing the record-setters, the Dodgers 1-2-combo of Clayton Kershaw-Zack Greinke.

Pity the teams that have to face them back-to-back in the rotation.  New York Mets, tonite, Kershaw, tomorrow Greinke.

The dynamic duo of the Dodgers have been superb, especially over the last 3-months.

Since June 27th, Clayton Kershaw has made 18-starts.  He went (11-2)….In 132-innings he has given up 18-runs…with 169-strikeouts.  Dominant.

Since June 3rd, Zack Greinke’s numbers have stood out in neon lights.  A total of 24-starts, a (14-2) record with a 1.51-ERA, allowing just 25 runs over 149-innings.

Think about that.  Combined the Dodgers aces have pitched 282-innings since early June, and have allowed just 43-earned run.

For the entire season, they have gone (35-10), while the rest of the LA starters hafe a combined mark of (29-34).

Bob Gibson was brilliant over a Hall of Fame career, (251-wins) and a lifetime (2.91-ERA) in Baseball’s so called Golden Era.

But for this season, this summer, this summer of Dodgers pitching has been spectacular.

Just ask National League hitters who spent the last 3-months flailing at their stuff.  New York Mets batters are about to find that out too.

Bob Gibson would be proud.



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