1-Man’s Opinion-Friday-9/4 “The NFL Keeps Losing”

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Tom Brady will play opening day for the New England Patriots. They should win against Pittsburgh.

Roger Goodell keeps going to work, going to court, and keeps losing. You can find his name in last place in the NFL-credibility standings.

The out-of-town NFL scoreboard looks awful.

Lose in Tom Brady case, after spending 5M in the Ted Wells report. The judge rules ‘unfairness’ tactics. Breach of law in terms of discovery information that should have been made available to the quarterback. Tampering with the so-called independent arbitrator by having NFL lawyer Jeff Pash review and write the decision. Trying to insert evidence and information that was not part of the union agreement.

And the NFL keeps yelling about integrity of the game as a key issue in the Brady case. How about the integrity of the leadership on Park Avenue?.

Four game suspension becomes a no game sanction.

This follows the reduction in the 10-game suspension to ex-Carolina Panther defensive end Greg Hardy, down to four games.

That on the heels of the reinstatement of Viking running back Adrian Peterson. And the reduction in the sanctions against Ray Rice.

Of course the NFL admitted no wrong doing whatsoever, but was willing to write a massive check in the multiples of NFL concussion lawsuits.

And then the outcome of the Jerry Jones-Dallas Cowboys-Super Bowl seat scandal. Of course, we have had the Hazing Club, Spygate, the Bounty Club too in recent seasons.

It just goes on and on. How’s that shield looking now?

The NFL evidentially thought they could make up the rules as they went along. Treat people as they wished. Toss away any linkage towards due process.

Roger Goodell always preaches about ‘protecting the shield’, but he should also know the difference between right and wrong, fair and unfair.

I wonder how much longer the current owners will allow this leadership to go on. The stain on the NFL’s business dealings is right there for everyone to see. And Goodell has lost one of his key backers, Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

You wonder if the long supporting Mara family (Giants), or the heritage of the Rooney family (Steelers), will lose faith in his leadership ability too?

Much has been made of the enormous profits the NFL makes. Maybe someone should remember the old axiom ‘Money and Power Corrupt’, and question if this is what the NFL has been allowed to become?

Will somebody step up soon and say ‘Goodbye Goodell’?.



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