1-Man’s Opinion in Sports–Thursday “College Football–When the Cheering Stops–Sad”

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“When the Cheering Stopped at USC–Looked What Happened”


America loves football….college games on Saturday…the NFL on Sunday.

We have our teams, our favorite players, gravitate to watch all the big games.

But what happens when the games are over?
What happens when the career is over?
What happens when the money is gone, the friends are gone?
What is life like?

This is a spectacularly written piece about USC Trojans football and one team, one roster, one season, and what has happened.

This is from Sports Illusrated.com.  it is worth a long read.  Job well done by college football writer Michael Rosenberg.


In 1989, USC Had a Depth Chart of a Dozen Linebackers. Five Have Died, Each Before Age 50

None of them died on the field, but for each former Trojan, football was inextricably tied to mortality. These are their stories.



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