1-Man’s Opinion–Monday “Padres Season Over–Good-Bad-Indifferent”

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“Padres End of Season-Good-Bad-Indifferent”


Another lost season of baseball, bad baseball is over.

Manager Andy Green’s team finished with another 90-loss season….there’s not much joy in (66-96)

But this may be a different 90-plus -loss season as compared to the misery in Baltimore, Kansas City or Detroit.

The Padres spent the summer, losing yes, but getting answers on a lot of young players, some of whom will be the foundation for better days ahead.

Andy Green’s comments on what he saw-what he experienced, in this third losing season in a row under his helm.

“Our young pitchers tried tone too fine around the plate in early starts. Now they are pitching with more conviction-confidence. Next year I was more swings and misses when Lauer-Luchessi are on the mound”

“Freddy Galvis has been special, his approach to leadership, game prep, dealing with your young players. When a ground ball goes in his direction-you know what happens, and I can’t say that has always happened in the past here at shortstop. We will talk about his role, him staying for next season.”

“Manny Margot, though the stats don’t show it, I am encouraged. His gap to gap defense has gotten better. He will bounce back from his struggles this year. I like the way he is wired. He competes”

“Hunter Renfroe-Franmill Reyes have learned a lot the second half of the year. They know the strike zone, they choked up on the bat, they put the ball in play. Hunter’s HR growth is because of better home plate discipline. Franmill is becoming a complete hitter, using all the field. They are no longer going up there with their “A” swings each pitch, not just taking hacks”.

“Biggest priority is to add pitching, the right pitching. We need to see about starters 3-4-5, and if they can become a 1-or-2 on our rotation. Can they pitch as front end starters?”

“Improvements we need to see, getting on base, getting moe starting pitching.”

“90-loss seasons are painful. We knew what would be involved in this process. No one wants to lose 90-again. We set goals we did not get to, but then we found young players we needed to find out about. I expected growth this year. Some players did grows, others did not. Now the off season evaluation to get some of these players to play better. We did not have success, but it is part of the process”

Team owner Ron Fowler preaches big picture. Co-owner Peter Seidleer is selling patience. GM-AJ Preller is dissatisfied but knows development takes time.

The city, oddly, threw drew 2.168 M this year, a slight bump up form last year. Even the community has bought into a hopeful future.

“Next year, a .500-team and go from there.

The season ends.

Good-they found out about a host young players.

Bad-the record-the starting pitching-the up and down seasons of big money people like Will Myers-Eric Hosmer.

The Indifferent-continued decreasing fan support, compared to what they drew just a couple of years ago.

When you see what Boston-Houston are, what the Dodgers and Rockies have done, and know that Milwaukee and Atlanta got to the postseason pretty quick, you wonder how long it will take.

The Padres seem miles and miles away from being equal to those teams, and I’m not talking geographical miles, but baseball talent miles.

Season over. Next year has got to be better.


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