1-Man’s Opinion on Sports Column-Friday. “Pro Sports-How Are They Doing This?”

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“Who’s Doing the Best Job”


Here we are, a couple of weeks into the baseball season, the same with the NBA, the opening week of the NHL, and the start of NFL training camps.

And so far, what we have seen has been pretty surprising.

I am not talking about the horrific outbreak with the Miami Marlins baseball team (20) positive tests, or the Cardinals mini outbreak (8) positive tests of players and staff.

I am talking about the extensive job done by baseball in getting the message across in every clubhouse and dugout so far about all the health protocols.

Yes, some 28-games so far have been cancelled because of teams impacted by what the Marlins and Cardinals did.  And yes 7-teams had games postponed.

But MLB has now conducted 32,000 tests since the season started the last week of June, and has had just 16-positive tests from the other 28-teams not impacted by the Marlins and Cardinals.

In the NBA, as games move on in the bubble, the success story of Commissioner Adam Silver is unmatched.  They have done 343-tests in the last two weeks, with no positive tests.  Players have stayed in the hotels, eaten at the hotel restaurants, and have not ventured outside the circle.

The NHL playoffs have begun their their 2-hub cities.  They have conducted (9,060) tests with no positive tests since teams reported to Edmonton and Toronto to start practice, then play games.  Think of how complex the NHL rosters are, players from not just Canada and the US, but from the European countries where the outbreaks were bad.

The NFL training camps have now begun en masse, and since intake testing began last Thursday, only 56 players out of (2,880) tests taken, have tested positive.

And NFL teams, one by one, are creating their own bubbles, renting out empty hotels, to quarantine all the players and the support staff.  Practice, virtual meetings outdoors, eat in controlled environment, stay in the hotels, and no one goes home.  So far-so good.

It proves a controlled environment, with discipline from players, has worked so far.

Look what responsible leadership has delivered to the most important product the game has, the players, and their safety and health.

Meanwhile the White House, and so many governors, seem strangled by politics, unable to issue the “mask up” order, to stem this tidal wave of sickness and death that has spilled across America.

Sports did it.  Why not society?  Ask the soon to be ex-President Trump if this may cost him his election?  Sports mandated changes.  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has not.  One goes on.  The others will likely be gone.

Who’s doing the best job?  You tell me.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports Column-Friday. “Pro Sports-How Are They Doing This?””

  1. Lyle L Lewis says:

    What if this situation does change and Trump doesn’t loose the election?…….. I’ve given up on pro sports. Year after year the same cycle of events, diffirent names but same result. sports are no longer sports when you politicize anything outside of sports…. including politics. Many, many years have i listened to you ,never never have we witnessed anything like this. hope it ends soon,….. and well.

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