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“Padres–Looking Back–Looking Ahead”


Padres…48-hours removed from the end of the season, held their season ending Press Conference with the media, looking back at a very hard year, a disappointing finish to the season, and the expectations for the coming off season.

The Friars baseball execs begin their in-house review of the season among themselves, and will come out of those sessions ready to make a few changes on a team that won 89-games, nearly missed the playoffs, got to post season, and within a couple of wins to get to the World Series.

But they are haunted by a steroid suspension, pitching issues, and managerial mistakes at the end.

But they painted a picture of being happy with the season because they were still playing games in mid-October..Being close is better than not being there at all.

Everything is beautiful… the ‘quote fest’ we sat thru on Tuesday at Petco Park.  No negative vibes of all things Tatis.  No negative spin on pitching failures.  No regrets on gutting the farm system.  No harsh comments on the prices paid for deals that didn’t all work out.

Comments from AJ Preller-Bob Melvin:
AJ Preller-Comments
..Feels like a funeral because we lost
..As a group we are prepared to take the next step
..Our core guys…good as group as there is in baseball
..Playing this deep into October is an awesome feeling
..Peter Seidler is committed to winning a championship
..Budget of 300M does not guarantee we would win..spend on right pieces
..There are more steps to be taken
..We need a couple of pieces to reach a finished product
..I want a complete club..want to build roster to complete this team
..Do we have right pieces on the bench..do we have pinch hitting options
..Must continue to find depth for injuries
..Our expectations don’t change..it’s about being in the World Series
..Go thru this experience in New York-LA-Play at Petco..builds confidence
..We want to finish the deal
..What we saw in the last month will serve us well
..We start meetings this week to review players we have decision on
..There will be some roster changes-always are
..We will talk to Juan Soto in off season-gauge his interest in extension
..We have two more pennant races with him
..Tatis has a full off season of rehab ahead of him
..Will spend alot of time rehabbing in San Diego
..His skill set allows us to consider multiple positions
..I want Tatis on the field for 147-games
..We have alot of time to talk about best place to play him
..He gives us options he is so good
..Our farm system is huge part of the organization
..We draft well..we sign well
..How good are we-reflected by teams calling about asking our prospects
..Guys are opening our eyes in Arizona Fall League
..No one facing off season surgery

Bob Melvin comments:

..Our expectations will be higher next year
..Looking at us in spring training-everything to be a success
..Losing that final game was a disappointment-but look at year in totality
..it was a long hard year..the lockout..Tatis injury..my illness
..A hard year makes you stronger
..This was alot of fun-great guys-a hungry group
..There will be alot of reflection
..Tatis is hungry…he learned alot…he misses it
..Juan Soto-Josh Bell put alot of pressure on themselves

..8th inning decisions-would not change a thing
..We had to cut up the 7th-8th-9th innings…we had 2-pitchers to get it done
..Using Suarez-Hader-it just didn’t work out but plan was workable
..I understand media-fans questions..but best option we had
..Give Bryce Harper credit…
..He was on fire-on a mission..he was perfect
..Played at the highest level at the most important time

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