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Weekend 12 upon us and the best in the NFL are pulling away from most everyone else, but there are games to be played and opinions to be expressed.

CHARGERS-RAVENS….It can’t get much worse for Bolts coach Brandon Staley, can it?  Sure it can.  See me on Sunday night after the Chargers get a big boy menu of all things Lamar Jackson and his offense and the Ravens defense can dish out.  Staley got alot of national coverage for his meltdown last week in Green Bay, as he tried to rationalize how bad his 31st ranked defense.  Might get worse before it gets better. Hard to think he could be fired at the end of the season.  Justin Herbert-good luck against the 44-sack Ravens pass rush.

49ers-SEATTLE…Some turkey of an outing by the Seahawks, at home, infront of what looked like an extraordinary number of Niners fans.  So bad at one point, San Francisco had a (215-15) edge in yardage just before halftime.  You tell me, who is going to beat San Francisco if they have all their stars on the field at the same time. Equally stunning, Pete Carroll’s Legion of Doom defense looks like Legion of Gloom.  But then they flipped the switch in a wild second half comeback.  Not sure how really good the Seahawks can be.

DALLAS-WASHINGTON..Dak Prescott’s 4-TD day might have put the nail in the coffin of Commanders coach Ron Rivera.  Washington, not much offense for QB-Sam Howell, and virtually no defense either.  Dallas could be a handful come playoff time.

GREEN BAY-DETROIT…Some outing for Jordan Love and his collection of young wide receivers.  Detroit looks like a ‘spent’ football team, and Jared Goff now is playing like the turnover plagued Jared Goff-Rams edition.  Maybe we crowned the Lions for greatness too early.

MIAMI-JETS…This could be awful, the Dolphins hi octane offense (436YPG) vs a Jets offense that needs the ‘last rights’.  The Jets have 11-TDs in 10-games this year, an impossible stat of incompetence in the modern day NFL-where everyone has offense.

SAINTS-FALCONS..Derek Carr is cleared to play in what has become an up and down New Orleans injury plagued season.  Atlanta has given the ball back to young QB-Desmond Ridder (6TD-12 Toves-25 Sacks).

STEELERS-BENGALS…Life after Joe Burrow will be miserable in the Queen City for the rest of the year.  What will life be like after the Pittsburgh firing of their Off Coor-Matt Canada.  People are starting to question how Mike Tomlin still has the confidence of people with just 3-playoff wins in 13-years as a head coach.

CAROLINA-TITANS…Long rebuild for Panthers QB-Bryce Young and it appears a longer road back for an aging-injured Titans roster, a big disappointment this year.

TAMPA BAY-COLTS…Guess Baker Mayfield is auditioning for his next job.  Maybe Todd Bowles should update his resume.    The Colts are a mess, much like their owner Jim Irsay’s public rantings.

GIANTS-PATRIOTS…Death watch for both Bill Belichick and Brian Daboll.  What would you expect from all the bad Patriots drafts and a Giants team that has allowed 62-sacks and lost both their quarterbacks.  Interesting to see who screams louder, Giants or Pats fans.

HOUSTON-JACKSONVILLE..Trevor Lawrence has arrived as a solid QB, CJ Stroud is serving notice he intends to be a star QB too.  What a job done by DeMeco Ryans putting together a roster of no-names with the rookie Ohio State QB.

CLEVELAND-DENVER…Russell Wilson having a bounce back year, and a Broncos team that has reeled off 4-wins in a row with a fierce defense helping out.  Cleveland’s defensive metrics are superb, but without Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb, not sure the Browns can make it to the finish line.

RAMS-ARIZONA…Matthew Stafford wears his heart on his sleeve and is getting pounded in the process.  They just don’t have enough players.  Arizona’s Kyler Murray is finally back at QB, but there’s not much talent around him either.  The Cardinals will get a very high first round pick, so the QB debate may be a big topic in Phoenix.

CHIEFS-RAIDERS….Antonio Pearce has 2-wins and a gritty loss so far, and now they face Andy Reid and a Chiefs team that is not what it used to be.  Hard to believe KC has 26-dropped passes and 19-turnovers this year.  Raiders rookie QB-Aiden O’Connell-awful lot of turnovers.

BILLS-EAGLES…Jalen Hurts is doing it all, and what he does not do, the defense does.  That is why they are (9-1).  The Bills can be so dangerous and yet they have become so erratic.  Sure looks like they are missing the window to be a Super Bowl team.

VIKINGS-BEARS…Some storyline with Josh Dobbs, career journeyman QB, trying to save the Minnesota season for Kevin O’Connell.  Amazing hot streak considering their defense isn’t that great.  The Bears, who knows, Justin Fields can be so dynamic, then he gets hurt, and he sure does not have much talent on that roster.


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  1. Arthur John Uvaas says:

    It’s P E N I X, Hacksaw. Not you know what.
    You always misspell the University of Washingtom quarterback’s last name.

    Must be PENIX, envy…

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