1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “AZTECS BASKETBALL-WINNING UGLY”

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SDSU basketball does not have to be pretty, as long as it is a win.

And it was in that first game of the Mountain West Conference, this war of attrition with an undermanned UNLV team.

Jaedon LeDee was dazzling in every facet but one, missed free throws, but the All American Aztec carried State on his broad shoulders with a (34P-16R) outing.

State played in spurts, trailing for most of the first half.  The shooting from the floor was horrid, they started (0-8) on 3’s and shot 25% in the opening half.

But you knew things were changing and they did right at the half.  Derrion Trammel hit a long distance 3-at the first half buzzer to set the stage for the turmoil starting the second half.

Trammel rattled home 3-straight threes, Jai Pal hit 4-baskets, and the Aztecs bigs outboarded Vegas (49-30) in roaring back

But like all things Aztecs hoops, you get streaks.  An (12-0) run for State, followed up by a (12-1) Rebels run.  A 10-point lead disappeared when UNLV zoned the Aztecs into the parking lot.

And the historically best defense in the world, kept losing Vegas freshman guard Dedan Thomas, who went off for 29 and nearly hit the game winning basket.

State survived going (15-for-25) at the free throw line.  UNLV could not survive the loss of its starting center with an ankle injury and could stop LeDee who was  banging, grinding all night long.

It only counted as one win, because come Friday night they have to play Utah State in the next round, and that won’t be easy.

It’s been so frustrating  to watch Brian Dutcher’s team.  All those tough losses to Quad 1-teams.  The cold spellsof  shooting that resemble the North Pole in winter.  And wondering who will step up and get consistent to match what LeDee has become, a complete star.

Living on borrowed time-we find out when they play Utah State on Friday.

Of course there is March Madness just ahead and they will be in that tourney too.  Not living on borrowed time because what they have earned going (23-9), but not the same type of teams we saw a year ago.

It was ugly vs UNLV, but it was a win, and that’s all that counts.


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