1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday. “AZTECS..END OF THE RUN”

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All college basketball seasons come to an end, and so it did at San Diego State, this (82-52) blasting by the University of Connecticut.

You just saw the likely NCAA-championship team win on Thursday night, doing what they did last year, a lopsided Huskies win over an outmanned SDSU crew (82-52).

The game had so many layers to it.  A quick start by both, firewagon basketball, trading baskets, attacking the rim, and hitting long distance jumpers.

SDSU started (6-for-10).  UConn shot (11-for-16) in a game that went back and forth for the first 12-minutes.

Jaedon LeDee was brilliant early, shooting (7-for-10), hitting shots everywhere against a big-physical UConn front.  He had 15-at the half, and just when it looked like the Huskies were going to pull away, SDSU rallied back.

And 11-point lead was cut to 5.  It went back to 11-again, and State cut it to four.

But the roof caved in early in the second half, and wave after wave of scorers piled up points for U-Conn while San Diego State stalled.

LeDee had no baskets for 8-minutes in the 2nd half.  He finished with 1-basket in the final 17-minutes as his career ended and the season closed out.

SDSU just never got much help for LeDee as the night wore on.

The 3-guards were overwhelmed by the bigger UC guards.  The guards went (4-17) shooting.

The big young forwards found the stage too big for them-shooting (2-for-9) with virtually nothing from 3-point range.

SDSU finished shooting 36%.  It was a very tough night on the glass, outrebounded (50-29).  They got smoked-giving up 21-rebounds on the offensive glass and 29-at the defensive end.

UConn hit 10-3’s and everyone was burying shots in that second half.

What was a 4-point deficit late in the first half, became a 32-point hole with 4-minutes left.

Cam Spencer had (18) and the 3-UConn guards combined for 51-points on offense.

Pick any verb you want and it likely fits.  State was outmuscled…got mugged..got scorched.

Nothing to be ashamed of.  This is not Mountain West Conference play anymore.  This is a UConn team that busted up every Quad 1-opponent they played with the exception of a 4-point loss to Kansas.  That team is (23-1) since early January.

As for State, we say goodbye to LeDee, who stayed the extra year and made himself a 1st round draft pick by his rugged play all year.  But he couldn’t do it alone against the deepest team in the NCAA tourney.

Aztecs fans should say thanks  for what LeDee gave them every night.  Feel good too for the continued superb coaching and leadership job Brian Dutcher has given this school.  They have earned his (177-58) record in his SDSU career.

The post game press conference was about pride, the accomplishments two years in a row, and respect Dutcher will have for his players going forward into their careers and private lives.

There will be more upsets this weekend in Sweet 16 play.  Nationally ranked Arizona the latest big name, to get knocked out of the tourney.

You feel let down at this hour, compared to what  we experienced a year ago this week.  But 1-Aztecs team is different the next year, and so it was with the Red & Black even with LeDee leading this team.

End of fun season.  No disgrace losing to the likely NCAA champion again.  U-Conn just that good.  SDSU not close to being at that level.

Thrills-chills this year, then spills on Thursday night.


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