1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Baseball–The Waiting Game”

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“Baseball–Waiting Game”


It was supposed to be a typical week at the Winter Baseball Meetings.

Then the Pandemic threw a knockdown pitch baseball could not get up from.

No meetings…no free agent signings…no blockbuster trades.

A different time.  No Scott Boras holding a massive press briefing for those of us in the media, sales pitching all his big money clients, telling baseball how it should run their business.

Whereas the first week of December was always about the Yankees signing a big free agent like Gerrit Cole, or blockbuster trades like the Wil Myers-Matt Kemp-James Shields deals of a couple of years ago, none of that has happened.

But we have things to look forward to, beyond Christmas.

Where does the top arm, Trevor Bauer-Reds, wind up and for how much.
Is there another payday coming for Cubs front line starter Jon Lester.
Will George Springer leave the very good Houston Astros.
Does AL hitting star DJ LeMaheiu stay with the Yankees or go to the Mets
Is there a payday out there for Phillies catcher JT Realmuto.
What becomes of Dodgers passion play 3rd baseman Justin Turner.

When the winter meetings started there were 197-unsigned free agents on the market.  A week later there are still 197-unsigned free agents.

Agents have real issues to deal with.  Not just the flood of players on the market, but the reality the budgets of teams are likely compressed badly by the loss of 3B-in revenues.

Look for alot of players to sign 1-year deals, bet on themselves, and bet on the baseball economy to bounce back.

So many teams have so many holes to fill.  Most everyone is behind the clock in fixing what is wrong with their team.  Alot of teams wonder how much more they can squeeze out of money left in their checking accounts.

And the name players…sitting there playing the waiting game.


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