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“Chargers View on a (9-8) Season”


He sat there by himself for over an hour, answering questions, facing criticism, and responding about why his Chargers team will be like you and me, watching the playoffs on TV.

Tom Telesco is in his 9th year as GM of the Chargers.  His teams, led by Philip Rivers and Justin Herbert, have just 2-playoff appearances in his tenure, and just two playoff wins.

John Spanos is the anointed President of Football Operations, and in his time with Telesco the team is (69-76).  He let Telesco take all the heat on Thursday.  The anointed one must believe speaking to the media about his decisions is beneath his status.

Telescope was impressive,like a quarterback standing in the pocket in the face of a zero blitz.

He wasn’t wearing rose colored glasses, but he painted a bit of a different picture than the fans and media saw in the just completed season.

He talked about belief in structure, development of young players, areas of needs, and areas of success.

Not playing this weekend is depressing considering who the QB is, and who is on that Chargers offense.  But you cannot take a can of white paint to the team’s deficiencies.  The last second loss to the Raiders, the horror-show loss to Houston, and punishing setbacks to bad Denver and Minnesota teams looms right out there for everyone to see.

There are all types of (9-8) season.  So much expected.  So little reward.

Here are the season ending best quotes from the Chargers General Manager:


Chargers…Season ending Press Conference with GM-Tom Telesco:
..I love the identity of our offense
..I overestimated our defense
..I 100% back our aggressive play calling-who we are
..There will be some changes to defensive roles
..Brandon Staley sees the game thru the eyes of the QB-Defensive Coordinator
..Justin Herbert transformed  this team..Threw for 5,000-we ran for 1800
..He is gifted physically-mentally
..His preparation-work ethic-drive-poise off the charts
..We went 9-deep on the offensive line
..We were near top in protection..least sacks allowed
..Rashawn Slater gave up just 5-sacks..Storm Norton allowed 9-sacks
..We will build on our defense
..Our run defense is an 11-man job
..Kenneth Murray will be an inside LB
..Uchenna Nwosu has excelled in 2-different defenses in 2-years
..We will address Mike Williams free agent status soon
..We have 6-pro bowlers we must reward
..I believe in taking care of our own players with our cap space
..Losing to the Raiders was difficult…last play of last game of year
..In the playoffs..it’s good-vs-good..you have a weakness-it gets exposed
..Staff changes-Brandon Staley needs to coach his coaches
..Matt Araiza-SDSU-flips the field..really unique kicker with distance
..Cam Thomas-SDSU is rock solid pass rusher-very consistent







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