1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Chargers Exposed-Chargers Lose”

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“Chargers Loss-Exposed Everywhere”———–

Patrick Mahomes was Patrick Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs came out of character and won with defense.

The Chargers couldn’t handle any of it and got their QB hurt too.  And it was a (27-24) loss in KC.

It was a (17-7) Bolts lead that evaporated in the second half, as the Chiefs reeled off 20-straight points to put the game away.

Mahomes made 2-spectacular pass plays for TD, houdini tosses, to get KC back in the game.

There was the magic of avoiding the rush, starying to run, then shot putting a 9-yard TD pass to his running back Jeris McKinnon.

And it was Mahomes evading the rush and launching a 41-yard TD pass to a tight end for another score.

But it was Kansas City’s defense, yes their defense, that changed the game.

Torched in the first half by Herbert’s passes to Mike Willianms, KC went to a safety over the top and a corner underneath to zone Williams out of the game in the 2nd half.

And they blitzed Herbert, flushing him from the pocket, handing out wicked hits that led to bruised ribs, and taking away everything down field.

They had 1-first down in a 4-series stretch mid game, as the lead went away, replaced by a deficit.  Even the boldness of the Bolts coaches lost luster when they elected not to go for it on 4th down, nice, when it was 4th and 4 and 4th and 2, one with decent field position.

Andy Reid outschemed Brandon Staley and for most of the second half the Chargers offense was nothing more than safety valve passes in the flat or short runs.  They never regained the rhythm they had early.

Herbert took some big hits and started to miss passes, witnessed by a poor throw on the goal line that wound up going 99-yards the other way for a KC score.

And the Chargers offensive line took hits, losing their center and their right tackle.  Herbert limped off the field hurting, from 2-sacks, 8-hits and 6-pressures plus the bad throw interception.

The pressure on Mahomes went away af halftime.  There were no Joey Bosa-Khalil Mack sightings after halftime.

Could have been a win but the pick six turned a potential Chargers lead into a deficit-they never recovered from.

The Bolts do have 10-days to get people healthy, and do play downtrodden Jacksonville when they next play at home.

But this one will hurt, not just the loss on the scoreboard, but the physical beating they took.

Only counts as 1-loss I know, but (2-0) in the division was possible.  Instead the same old-same old (Mahomes) and something new (Chiefs toughness on defense) changed everything.

They were exposed, they lost, should have won-didn’t.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Chargers Exposed-Chargers Lose””

  1. Chris says:

    When down by two scores, Hebert obviously injured, two starting linemen down why risk further injury to Hebert? Yes he got the TD so fantasy players got their 6, but with 15 games left was that the best choice for Staley?

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