1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “Chargers GM—Sounds Unhappy Note”

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“Chargers-GM Sounds Off”


This would have been the weekend for the NFL combine to begin in Indianapolis.  While the NFL got all of its games in, and played the Super Bowl, Covid has knocked them out of the box.

No combine of draft picks in Indianapolis.
No timing or weightlifting.
No meetings with top prospects

it will be replaced by Pro Day workouts with clubs limited to just 3-people attending a workout.

The individual meetings will be done via Zoom

The Chargers have the bright young QB-Justin Herbert, a good core of skill players, but need a fix in the offensive line, and have to deal with impending free agents like Hunter Henry, Mike Williams and Melvin Ingram.

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco talked to the media on Friday about a wide variety of topics, his new coaching staff, the salary cap, his team’s needs, the draft and free agency.  He sounded off but he sounded sullen about the work ahead, despite the way the season end up:


..Brandon Staley-checked off alot of boxes for us
..We are looking at free agency-thru eyes of new coaching staff
..Brandon Staley-good feel for players in the league
..New Coordinators  are smart-adoptable-come from good places
..It takes 1-year to learn about your coaches
..We won’t be running the Rams defense..the Rams have different players
..We will be ‘3-4’ upfront but play alot of 4-man fronts
..Our staff has alot of new guys with different styles-that is good
..I like having 9-draft picks..it’s like having 9-at bats
..Encouraged by our core players and our new coaches
..We have alot of work to do..we were (7-9)
..You cannot buy your way into free agency
..We are selective who we sign..want vets compliment young players

..No Combine this year..Pro Days will provide alot of information
..Scouts grinded film all fall because they could not scout games
..Scouts not allowed to travel..limited numbers to go to Pro Days
..Waiting for NFL to tell us how Physical exams of picks will get done

..This is a deep Offensive Line draft..not just in 1st round
..Don’t know if we are just an Off Line away from being top team
..Off Lineman thruout the draft later rounds
..Will focus on Off Lineman in all rounds

..We need upgrades on defense for pressures-takeaways
..We were not efficient running the ball nor run in red zone

..We are in a good situation with the cap
..Our philosophy is draft-develop-resign them
..We have different options for both Hunter Henry-Mike Williams
..No one thought the cap would go down this year
..There will be some cap casualties around the league
..Expect practice squad next year to be 12-to-16 players again

..Challenge for scouts because players opted out..some redshirted
..Some players we have limited tape on

..We are operating on our calendar…free agency first……April draft…undrafted college free agents.


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