1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Chargers–How Far Do They Have To Go?”

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“Chargers-How Far Do They Have To Go?”


So I sat there like many of you did, and watched Thanksgiving Day NFL football

I saw explosive plays, big sacks, big pass plays, chunk runs, and lots of pressures on quarterbacks.

And I thought to myself, neither of these teams, the Cowboys nor Redskins, looks anything like the Chargers.

We respect and admire all the things quarterback Philip Rivers has accomplished. He expect superb things going forward from running back Melvin Gordon. We have seen flashes from defensive end Joey Bosa.

But that’s it. That’s all the Chargers really have.

Rivers is superior to Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins.

Gordon and Ezekiel Elliot seem so strong you think they could have great careers.

Bosa is on a fast track.

But tell me the truth.

Do you see a Dez Bryant on the Chargers roster?

Do you seen anything in the Chargers offensive line that might resemble Tyronn Smith, Doug Free, Zach Martin or Travis Fredricks?

Is there really a Jason Witten coming off the Chargers line of scrimmage as a down the field tight end?

There was Ryan Kerrigan creating havoc for Washington coming off the edge, making more plays than the Chargers linebackers have made in 4-weeks.

Josh Norman is a culture unto himself. No one in San Diego’s secondary that combines all the dynamics Norman brings.

See Sean Lee run, see him tackle, see him make plays inside. You don’t see that from anyone on the San Diego side at that inside backer spot.

No, the Chargers are not equal to a team that has now won 10-games in a row.

You may not like Jerry Jones, risk taker, fast talker, hands on owner. But you’d have to agree he and his people have done a pretty good job building this team.

At least a heck of a lot better than the Spanos-Telesco teams has built in San Diego.

Thanksgiving Day football drove home the point how far behind the Chargers from being good, being dominant, being first place like.


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