1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday. “Chargers-Win-Chargers Win-in Los Angeles–Finally”

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“Chargers Win–Chargers Win–Finally Something in Los Angeles”


They came up with the phrase, “Fight for LA”, the battle with the Rams for football fans in Los Angeles over the last three years.

And while the Rams were winning and going to the Super Bowl, the Chargers were meandering around the AFC-West, winning some, losing some.

And while the Rams were drawing massive crowds of 60-to-72,000 for home games at the LA Coliseum, the Chargers were playing 16-road games a year, including 8-road games at home, where their tiny soccer stadium was overrun by fans wearing the other teams colors.  Not alot of friendly fans when 27,000 or so showed up.

One day the color of the day at Chargers games at home might be red (Chiefs), or orange (Broncos), or definitely black (Raiders) and surely Black & Gold (Steelers).

The offseason has seen the Bolts say goodbye to Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon.  The Rams bid farewell to Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and alot of people from the defense.

A new year awaits, we think, but the Chargers have finally scored a victory in LA.

The uniform war.

Oh the Bolts will still not surpass the Lakers popularity, the Dodgers history, what the Clippers have become, nor USC-UCLA, maybe not even the Kings.

But in head to head competition with the Rams, when it came time to release the new uniforms, as they move into the new So-Fi Stadium in the Fall, the Chargers got rave reviews, the Rams got booed.

Weeks ago, the Bolts unveiled their Powder Blue and Gold jerseys and pants.  They added the clean ‘All Whites’ and introduced the the Blue Rush outfits.  All this wrapped around the heritage Lightning Bolt on the helmet.

This week the Rams unveiled their re-designed uniforms.  A newly designed Rams horn on a Blue helmet.  Rams Royal-blue jerseys with gold pants, and Rams striping on the shoulder and pants.  A weir combination of off white jerseys and pants, and their version of Royal rush.

The reviews from what few Chargers fans have been positive….86-percent taking part in an NBC poll loved the new Powder Blues.  The same survey showed 75-percent of Rams fans, who participated, turned thumbs down on the new look horns and designs of the uniforms.

Of course, when asked to vote in the 1-day survey, only (8,765) Chargers fans cast votes.  The Rams had (29,279) participate.

While Rams fans screamed they wanted the historic jerseys of yesteryear back with that team, the preponderance of those who commented on the Chargers jerseys…they said it screamed ‘San Diego Chargers’.

So the more things might change, they still really remain the same.  The Rams are LA’s iconic team…the Chargers are on the periphery.

But for one day, the Chargers did better than the Rams in LA.
The Bolts?  They will look good.  How good they play remains to be seen.  The Rams?  They are good, but they might dress badly.  Whether the perception of fans in Los Angeles remains ever changes will be the debate.

Back to normal, and the great discussion will continue.  Will anyone ever care about the Chargers in Los Angeles?




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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday. “Chargers-Win-Chargers Win-in Los Angeles–Finally””

  1. Lee I listened to you on 690 when I first moved to San Diego in April 1993. You are one of the great radio broadcasters of all time. You basically paved the way for Jim Rome, John Ireland and Steve Mason. I remember you used to say, “Good night now,” and “you have yourself a good evening in La Mesa.”

    I’m glad you’re doing well. I have some other items to run by you if you have a chance. Take care!

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Thanks for note…

      We built something really special…
      Bunch of guys moved on and up

      I stayed loyal for a long time
      Sadly management wrecked 690 and then 1090

      Proud what we did…set a standard I don’t think has ever been reached since

      Hope you will keep following.

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