1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “College Football–Right or Wrong Decisions?”

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“College Football–Should They Play”


They all want to play.

College coaches, College Athletes.  Alumni.

And now Presidents and Chancellors are giving their approval for the start up of the final group of conferences, who initially cancelled their seasons months ago.

The Big 10 has announced a restart of their season, six weeks from now.
The Pac 12 Conference CEOs meet on Friday and could approve a restart too.

The SEC, the ACC, the Big 12 all refused to yield initially under the weight of the virus outbreak.  By next Saturday, each of the teams in those three conferences will have played their first games of the delayed season.

Game will be played despite the monstrous outbreak of positive covid tests on college campuses across the country.

And yet games are going on, or are about to start despite staggering stats.

LSU says a large majority of its players, reportedly 85 of105, have tested positive for the virus since testing began in early June.  Now those positive tests might have been for a headache, or the sniffles, or an increased temperature.

None of those players ever wound up in the hospital, just quarantined.

But there have been outbreaks at Wisconsin (78)…Texas Tech (56)….Houston, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Memphis, Kansas State, Alabama and more.

There is the scare of cardiac inflammation to the heart of those who get very ill.

Now daily testing has become the norm, despite the expensive cost for schools.  And as technology has grown, rapid results have become available.

So all these schools are ready to play, despite 197,000 nationwide deaths as of Thursday night, and the continued explosive number of positive tests.

Why is playing so critical despite what is going on nationwide?

America needs distractions from the life we are living at this hour.  The virus, fires, the economy, the political war zone heading towards the election, the divisiveness of our society.

Universities, crushed by financial losses with campus’ closed, need to generate revenue to offset deficits that could run as high as 60M a year for major schools.

Is anyone considering the risk-vs-reward?

So as the Pac 12 votes to join the Big 10 in coming back, all seems normal, at least on the field.  There will be games, there will be ratings, there will be a college playoff, and yes there will be polls every week.

Yes the NFL got thru training camps without feared outbreaks.  The NBA and NHL has been clean in the bubbles and hub cities.  Baseball survived the mess in Miami-St Louis and Oakland.

But college football involves not just players, but everyone else on campuses and that is scary.

And yet the Chancellors and Presidents and Athletic Directors all say the same thing.  Science has improved.  The system developed can work.

As excited as you might be to see these games on Saturday, just one question that needs to be answered.

Are colleges putting profits ahead of public health?

I’m scared by the health issues.   Am I the only one?


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