1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Deshaun Watson-Everyone Loses”

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“NFL Wins War-But Loses”


Deshaun Watson has been found guilty, in the court of public opinion, and now he has lost infront of the NFL.

The NFL believes it had the right to hand out the severe sanctions to the Browns quarterback for his egregious-predatory sexual misconduct actions, but in reality they lost again.

The Browns won’t have their starting quarterback till December at the earliest, but they have to realize the damage they have done to their organization.

Watson was slapped with an 11-game suspension and fined 5M-dollars when the league and the union agreed on a settlement.

And yet after issuing a written statement, Watson talked to the medi and remained defiant that he did anything wrong.  He says he will tell ‘his side of the story’ in the future.  What a phony facade he continues to present.

The sanctions are stiffer than he wants to admit.  He has been ordered into 3rd party counseling, and their report to Roger Goodell will carry alot of clout.

And Watson still has to appear infront of Goodell in October in a reinstatement hearing.

So between now and then, Watson will have treatment for his sexual addictions.  And if he steps outside the lines, anything, from a DUI to a failed drug test, he could face more sanctions.

In Cleveland, the owner Jim Haslam, who approved trading 3-first round picks for Watson and giving him a 230M-deal, now won’t have him for 11-games.  Haslam made statements backing up his deviate QB, saying things about everyone deserves a second chance, but that Watson has work to do to reclaim his reputation, and that he deserves a chance to rehab himself.

Wonder if the Browns will dig shuch a hole in the plaoff race without an established quarterback, that this loss will amount to more than 11-games.

What Haslam didn’t say is the message sent to the 58-female employees in their front office, with the kind of public support the owner has given to the quarterback.  Those female employees know the depths of the depravity Watson stooped too with those 24-women who filed suit against them.

No problem, just shutup and go to work, while the QB gets ready to win games, when he returns.  Imagine the workplace culture that exists in their Berea, Ohio building at this hour.

Goodell won the struggle for stronger discipline and the right to hold a reinstatement hearing.  The intangible in this decision, is that a new baseline of discipline (11-games) has been established for the next player who gets involved in sexual misconduct, assault, or dometic abuse cases.

But the NFL is facing huge criticism, a sex addict, a predator, a pervert like Waston is still being paid 230M and will play in December and that fans in Cleveland  will probably root-root-root for the home team when he gets back.

It’s an ugly finish to a steamy-sleazy series of incidents that cover 17-months.

Not sure there were winners-losers in all those.  But it’s a bad look for everyone.

No problem though, it’s the NFL, so get ready to watch the games, buy your tickets, oput on your gear.

The game appears bigger than any of the slimeballs who play in it.

Somebody won, but they all seemed to lose.


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