1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “Dodgers Baseball-How Can You Not Love the Game”

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“Dodgers Baseball-How Can You Not Love the Game”


I love ‘theatre’ and that was as good as it can get, with the exception of winning the World Series.

How bout those Dodgers.

Coming back from the dead.  Coming back from devastating injuries.  Coming back from a blowout loss at home.  Coming back to batter the Braves on Thursday night.

Who would have thought this ever possible, when 24-hours before fans streamed out, poured out of Chavez Ravine before the game was over.  This just hours after they lost 3rd baseman Justin Turner with the bad hamstring, after having lost power hitting 1st baseman with a wrist injury.

At that point you’d have thought the body was cold, the casket had been purchased and burial would happen next.

Instead, facing Atlanta’s pitching ace Max Fried, the Dodgers rose from the dead.

Heroes?  You would not believe it if I send super utility man Chris Taylor.  His name in the scorebook….2-run homer in the second…RBI single in the 4th…2-run blast in the 5th..solo home run in the 7th.

Thiis from your all purpose guy who plays 6-positions, and this from a guy who staggered so badly at the end of the season, with a (9-for-72) slump.

Heroes?  AJ Pollock, he of complete talents, but he who is hurt a lot.  Built-tough, multi-position guy.  He of two home runs on the night.

Heroes?  The overused bullpen, somehow finding the resolve to get thru 9-innings, even after 1-inning starter Joe Kelly came off the mound in the first with a bicep injury after giving up a 2-run home run.

The Dodgers get to live another day, play another day, in Atlanta, come Saturday-then Sunday.  Max Scherzer will try to win Game 6, and if so Walker Beuhler gets the ball in Game 7.  This hours after their other starter Julio Urias got strafed in a horrible loss on Wednesday.

And Atlanta, no doubt they can still rake the ball, especially at home, and no doubt the Braves fans will be screaming the Tomahawk Chop from the first pitch on come this weekend.

And no doubt too, Atlanta is having bad flashbacks to this time last fall, you know, when they had a 3-1 series lead only to see LA roar back, with the series, and then go order their World Series rings last October.

Drama, tension, excitement, noise, peaks and valleys of emotion.

How could you not fall in love with postseason baseball.

The Dodgers roller coaster ride heads back to Georgia.

What theatre we have seen heading towards the Fall Classic.





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