1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “DODGERS BLUE–WHY THE HATE?”

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I get surprised by lots of things covering sports.  Sometimes I expect it.  Other times I don’t understand it.

Topic: Dodgers Blue

The Blue are in first place in the National League West, running away from the pack, pounding their way towards the playoffs, and a likely matchup with the NL’s other dominant team the Atlanta Braves

Boy Padres fans don’t like the Dodgers.

Is it the 10-game winning streak?  Is it 14-wins in 15-games?  Is it the (73-46) overall record.

How come Padre fan cannot respect this accomplishment?

Because the Dodgers have now won 12-regular season series dating back to 2020?  Or the dominance in all but the playoff series last year?

Is it the 12-World Championships LA-Brooklyn have won in Dodgers history?

Is it that loudmouth-the late Tommy LaSorda?  Or the excellend of back in the day Manager legend Walter Alson?

Is it Koufax-Drysdale history?  Or the uniqueness of the Garvey-Cey-Russell history?

It cannot be the Boys of Summer era?  Or the legend Jackie Robinson became?

Somebody should respect where they have gone to get players: Mexico-Fernando Valenzuala.  Pacific Rim-Nomo-Ryu-Maeda and more?

Surely it is not the accomplishments of ex-Padres favorite Dave Roberts, who has a (726-427) record managing the Blue.

Maybe it’s the 7-Division titles, 3-World Series appearances or the Ring in the Roberts era.

Could it be the 4M fans they always draw at Dodgers Stadium?
Cannot be the greatness of broadcaster Vin Scully is it?

Just because they once had a scoundrel in Frank McCourt as an owner, that and the corporated idiot that was Fox, they also had greatness in front office execs.

No respect regard for special people like Branch Rickey, Peter O’Malley, or the job done by Fred Claire-Al Campanis?

Granted there was never a ‘fire sale’ in LA, though they did fire a bankrupt owner.  But the Padres had Tom Werner and the Terrible 15, who matched McCourt’s dislike.

T’is hard to believe, when you think of the Dodgers you think of the Duke, Pee Wee, Jackie, Campy, Newk and so many more.  Lots of greatness for a long time.  Much greater than the Padres home grown love affair with Mr. Padre-Tony Gwynn, or Cammy, Vaughn or Kevin Brown. who came from somewhere else.

So as we head to September, I have not figured it out , the San Diego dislike of all things Dodgers baseball.

We have a month to solve this as teams chase down playoff slots.  The Dodgers in their normal spot.  The Padres typically trying to catch up.

Don’t understand the hate.  You tell me.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “DODGERS BLUE–WHY THE HATE?””

  1. Chris says:

    They hate that Mcourt was brilliant keeping the parking at Dodger stadium…

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