1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Dodgers-Giants–Real Rivals”

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“Dodgers-Giants….Real Rivalry”


Rivalries..don’t you love them?

The Dodgers-Giants cannot play any better than they have this past season, this past week, this past evening.

And that says alot when you consider these two teams have been fighting each other for 133-years dating back to the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field.

There is so much history here.

The Shot Heard Round the World..Bobby Thompson vs Ralph Branca.

The beanball bat brawl-Juan Marichal and John Roseboro.

The epic confrontation of Barry Bonds vs Jeff Kemp.

The memories of Sandy Koufax pitching the Dodgers to a win on 2-days rest.

There is so much there from years gone by.

The era of Coogan’s Bluff vs D’em Bums.
Candlestick Park vs Chavez Ravine.
Tommy LaSorda against everybody.

And now this 5-game renewal of a real rivalry.  It’s pretty electric, maybe equal to the Yankees-and-Red Sox.  You know that one, Curse of the Bambino vs the Evil Empire.

Heading into last night’s finale,they had met 23-times this year, San Fran won 12 times, LA 11..bring on the final game of this tense postseason series with the prize, the chance to go to the NLCS vs Atlanta.

What drama on a Thursday night, Giants phenom Logan Webb vs Dodgers 20-game winner Julio Urias.

The gamesmanship when the Dodgers decided to go to a Bullpen night an hour before the game to force the Giants to juggle their batting order.

And then there were strikeouts and defensive plays that had the fans breathless.

The rosters so loaded with talent, any one could hit the ball out of the yard anytime.  Add in all those flamethrowers coming out of the bullpen.  Matchups in every possible fashion.

Giants fans wearing cream colored jerseys, a salute to the old NY Giants, plus the modern day Orange and Black jerseys.  Dodgers fans wearing their tradition Dodgers Blue or Dodgers gray road jerseys, like the team has worn since the 1930s.

And then there were the superstars coming thru.

Mookie Betts with 4-hits.  Max Scherzer coming out of the bullpen to close the game out.  Kelnley Jansen’s continued bullpen dominance.

Giants fans screamed themselves hoarse ‘Beat LA’ right to the end.

And then they were shutup on two questionable strike three calls in the last of the 9th.

And like that it was over.  They went to the bottom of the ninth, tooth and nail, and the Dodgers got the win and the chance to move on.

110-wins for LA and more games to be played.  The heartbroken Giants go home with 109-wins in a horrific loss..

Oddly slump ridden Cody Bellinger’s RBI single in the 9th was the difference

So much history, tradition, and love for their teams.

They could play 10-more times this year and it would probably end like this.

2-great teams, only 1-could win.

What a rivalry.







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