1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “Dodgers Win Ring-Now Win Off Season”

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“The Dodgers Win the Off Season”


They have a World Series ring.
Now they have the best free agent baseball had to offer.

Trevor Bauer, who signed a (3Y-102M) free agent contract with the Dodgers last week, was introduced in LA on Thursday.

He stood tall on the mound, building a reputation as a fierce competitor with the Indians and Reds.  He stood tall also answering questions about his controversial statements on social media.

Bauer is (75-64) with a 3.90-ERA in his career.  Last year in a shortened season with the Cincinnati Reds, he posted a dominant (1.97-ERA)

He now joins a Dodgers rotation anchored by Clayton Kershaw, David Price, Walker Beuhler, and also includes young pitchers Dustin May, Julio Urias and Tony Gonsolin.

Comments from GM-Andrew Friedman and from Trevor Bauer:


Andrew Friedman-VP Operations
..Exciting day
..Our tandpoing, add a player his calibre to roster we have
..Thought about adding him from day free agency started
..Bring a player of this calibre on short term basis is rare
..We did not have to trade alot of prospects.
..He was always front and center for us
..Things picked up just two weeks ago..nature of negotiations
..I thought last Thursday would not work out
..Ownership group put wind behind the sail-go get it done on Friday
..Social media messages-we research and vetting players
..We gather information on all types players
..We had multiple conversations with Trevor
..Every teammate we talked to-feedback incredibly positive
..His impact on organizations so positive
..Tremendous asset for his culture-style
..Heading into 2021…we have 7-proven major league starters
..Going from 60-game season to 162-games is huge
..His durability factor important-don’t understate this
..We had high bar if we added players..Trevor was on that bar
..We run our payroll on a 3-4-5 year window
..We’ve noticed what Padres did…we are always motivated
..Last year was good little battle for us and Padres
..Justin Turner..committed to put together best roster we can
..How this plays out remains to be seen
..Ownership has been supportive in everything we wanted to do
..Ownership mindset is do it again
..Don’t look at our payroll and deduce anything

Trevor Bauer-Dodgers
..Long time coming=excited for this moment for a long tine
..Used to sit in bleachers listening to Vin Scully on the radio
..Process took awhile
..Biggest Appeal..all about the organization
..Talked to alot of people who played here-so much positive
,,People told me-if yu can play for the Dodgers do it
..Free agent process was odd for me-not know what to expect
..Get all types of offers-played out alot longer than I thought
..Wanted to be on a World Series team
..Wanted this to be a partnership
..This is like being home..this is perfect fit
..I knew quite a bit about the Dodgers
..Talked to Justin Tuirner and other players
..I understand the cultural things that go on
..My focus-always the same..best pitcher I can be
..I can control my process-know what I can do
..I made mistakes in the past on social media-better in future
..I learned alot-talked to alot of people about my feelings
..Will be better in clubhouse-on field-and in community
..Long-secuirty contract..Want to member winning team
..Don’t want to be player who signs long term deal-be resented at end
..Give organization flexibility…I am plenty secure
..This was not about the money for me..want to win World Series
..Came in second in World Series in MLB and college-want to win
..Do like to pitch every 4th day..talked to Dodgers about it
..This is not a selfish thing..I am a better pitcher doing that.
..Like to have people listen to me and have honest conversation
..It was hard to imagine being in a Dodgers jersey-they were superstars
..As a kid they were like aliens when I sat in the stands
..I am passionate about providing an inspiration to young kids now
..Came a couple of times a year as a kid..now I am on the field
..Pitching analytics-systems in place is impressive..how interpert info
..Final hours free agency…Final 5-hours..agent called-this changed
..Talked to parents-agent-financial advisor in final hours
..Ultimately-it was the people, the culture, chance to win
..Asked Dodgers fan to respect my personal space at the hotel
..Fan keep pressing him for autographs..I do it at the stadium
..We are people too..just respect my space
..Did not try to lead Mets fans on that I was signing with them


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