1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Football Friday-Questions Worth Asking”

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“Football Friday Questions Worth Asking”


Chargers…They are thinking outside the box aren’t they, search for a defensive leader or somebody to fix special teams….areas that need the most upgrade in their head coaching search? Not bad idea. Philip Rivers runs the offense with a coordinator who can play to his strengths. Get some with a defensive flavor of a special teams guru to make it happen as head coach also.

Tom Coughlin…Surprising isn’t it, that a man who won 2-Super Bowl trophies and had all those playoff teams, hasn’t been invited to interview by any of these bad franchises? Thinking a winner like him, with very high and old school standards, would help out a loser.

Waiting for Wednesday….Is there an interesting confrontation coming for Chargers owner Dean Spanos…after NFL owners agreed to up the contribution for a San Diego Stadium to 300M…he refused to meet with the Mayor-City-County leaders for all of 2016? Got an answer for that Dean?

Sweet Home Alabama…Crimson Tide are loaded with talent…so big-so physical…just don’t know how Clemson is going to hold up to the pounding…but then again if DeShaun Watson hits TD passes early-can Bama’s ground heavy offense throw the ball when they have to? The Monday matchup shall be fun.

Mess in Minnesota…Golden Gophers go (9-4) and win in the Holiday Bowl and the Coach Tracy Clayes gets fired in the aftermath of his vocal support of players who wanted to boycott the bowl game, defending the soiled honor of 10-teams who took part or were aware of a sex party last Labor Day weekend. Why would coach not take the high road on this rather than go social public supporting players?

Next Man Up…Hot young guys looking to move up, looking at Minnesota…Western Michigan’s PJ Fleck and Wyoming’s Craig Bohl. Most interesting name though is Les Miles-LSU. That would be some transition from Bourbon Street to the Twin Cities wouldn’t it?

Nasty Divorce…Nick Saban outsting-letting go offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin right before National Championship game….Kiffin with some track record at Tennessee-USC-Raiders and now in SEC….Two things to think of, how well will he do at Florida Atlantic, and how long before he leaves-gets fired-or they get into NCAA trouble? Why do I think of Kiffin and automatically think of Bobby Petrino and all his baggage?

Worst Idea Around…Conference leaders from the Group of 5-Conferences, Mountain West, Mid American, Conference USA and the likes are brainstorming their own Championship Playoff series….I don’t think so on this one….You’re going to remove San Diego State or Houston or unbeaten Western Michigan from major bowl consideration, just so they can play each other in a playoff series no one will want to watch? Sounds like bad immitation of Division 1AA playoffs doesn’t it?


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