1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Hey Jacksonville–Explain Yourself”

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Jacksonville–Explain Yourself”


You’ve seen alot of bad coaching hires in the NFL, including name guys who went from college football to fail in pro football.

With the story dateline Jacksonville, might we be looking at the worst all time college coaching failure in the NFL, just four weeks into a coaches tenure.

Urban Meyer has had a checkered career in college football..Moved fast from Bowling Green to Utah..then onto the big time.  Enormous success at Florida. Greater success at Ohio State.

Then he exited, either because of burnout, health problems, or growing violations of NCAA issues.

Some say health-heart issues led to his exit.  Others say it was his ethics.

For all the wins and the few losses, there were plenty of issues off the field with Urban Meyer in the SEC and the Big 10.

His Florida career was stymied by all the insinuations he allowed star tight end Aaron Hernandez to run with gang members, never holding him accountable for what was going on in Gainesville.  Hernandez was found guilty of murder after his career in New England, went off track, then killed himself in prison.

At Ohio State, among the big issues was the fact he kept a special teams coach Zach Smith on his staff, eventhough that coach was involved in violent domestic abuse incidents and eventually terminated after the horrors of abuse of his ex wife were verified.

And shortly after his hiring by the Jaguars, who went (1-15) last year, he hired a strength coach, who had been fired for racial abuse of his players during a decade plus run at Big 10-Iowa.  He lasted a week in Jacksonville and was forced to resign.

Fast forward now to Meyer’s short stint so far in Jacksonville.  The Jaguars are (0-4) and drag a 19-game losing streak with them heading to Sunday’s game.

Meyer, operating with a different set of rules, did not accompany his team back to Jacksonville after last Thursday’s loss in Cincinnati.  He stayed in Ohio and wound up in a Columbus bar, where two videos surfaced of a woman doing a lap dance infront of Meyer and a second one where it appears he touched the woman’s behind.

Talk about bad choices, one questions why Meyer, in this age of social media, would ever do that in public.  Good luck explaining that to your wife, much less your owner.

He cancelled a team meeting with his players on Monday, and players spent the early part of the week talking about the coach, lack of confidence in him, his style, his leadership abilities, his dedication, his professionalism.

The NFL nailed Meyer with a 150,000-fine for violation of rules surrounding OTA offseason workouts on the field in the spring.

Meyer criticized NFL free-agency, its process, player agents, after failing to corner the market despite having 70M cap space to use.

Critiqued for signing 31-year old Tim Tebow to tryout for a tight end roster spot after being out of football seven years.

Whining that the NFL was so tough, his comment, ‘weekly in the NFL is like playing Alabama weekly’.

NFL owners, desperate to win, make a splash, find a big name coach, have made alot of mistakes.

The litany of college coaches failing in the NFL is pretty significant in the last two decades:

Steve Spurrier, who did great things at Florida and South Carolina, went (12-20) with the Redskins

Nick Saban walked out of Miami with a (15-17) record before embarking on greatness at Alabama.

Bobby Petrino was a fraud, getting canned after a (4-12) one year stint in Atlanta.

Chip Kelly left Oregon to go (8-23) with the Eagles

Butch Davis did well with the Miami Hurricanes, got a playoff spot in Clevelnad but failed with the Browns in the big picture

Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson’s players, then failed the Cowboys.

Lou Holtz was out after a (3-10) run with the Jets.

Frank Kush of Arizona State fame, failed with the Colts.

But none of those guys stepped on as many landmines as Urban Meyer has in such a short time span.

He might not make it to the end of the season.  Hell, he might not make it to midseason.

Jacksonville, its coach, must explain himself fully.  Jacksonville, its owner  should explain why he hired him.  The Jaguars players need to amplify their unhappiness over their new coach and his rationale for what he does.

This story is far from over.  Meyer’s career could be over sooner than later.



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  1. Kevin says:

    You are absolutely right. That was a real head scratcher that they hired him. I thought he left for medical reasons, but I guess that was not the case.

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