1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “I Have Questions-Do You Have Answers?”

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“Asking What You Think:


PADRES….Most interesting time of the year for GM-AJ Preller, his time of the year, as he gets ready to wheel and deal.  The big question, how does he improve the surprise season of last year?  Or does he really have to do anything except watch his team of young stars grow?  They have trade chips but do they need to use them?

FRANCISCO MEJIA…Maybe they trade him, after his (.077) season, but they have to ask, was that an aberration of a season because he always hit well before?  They paid a price to get him, Brad Hand.  Too early to give up on him?

JOEY LUCHESSI…He pitched alot the first two full seasons in the rotation, but he regressed last year.  Loss of confidence?  Failure to grow his repertoire?  Mechanics?  He’s young, still alot of time to develop him, and maybe keep him as an insurance policy pitcher with proven talent, or do they move him?

GREG GARCIA….Found a niche as a pinch hitter and a strong defensive sub.  Not offering him a tender offer contract does not mean he’s done in San Diego.  Maybe just not ready to pay 1.5M to a utilityman, but maybe they bring him back?  More proven that Jorge Mateo isn’t he?

AZTECS….Working towards the end of a disappointing football season.  Hard to believe a Division 1-team could have four quarterbacks but none who are standing out.  Georgia Tech transfer Lucas Johnson is a third year player, shows flashes, but no consistency throwing the ball.  Carson Baker, the annointed starter, has staggered backwards and seems overwhelmed.  JUCO transfer Jordan Brookshire, for all he has played, showed very little throwing.  And highly regarded Mark Salazar has never been given a chance in three years.  How can a successful program be so negligent at that position?

QUARTERBACKS…How bad is it.  In this four game swoon, after the quick start, the Aztecs QBs have (1-TD..4 Int..2 Fumbles…11 sacks)…That’s a combined QB rating of 47.  Alot of work to be done.  A coaching staff  that has to be questioned?

JD WICKER….The SDSU leadership has done a remarkable job during the pandemic with the protocols, and running the program without setbacks.  But he made a mistake choosing to send the Aztecs to play Colorado last week.  Not only did Brady Hoke’s team get smacked by the Pac 12-Buffaloes, but in dropping to (3-3), they likely lost out o a bowl bid.  Yes they got $250,000 for the payday game, but was it worth it, considering had they worked harder, they could have lined up to play Air Force in a conference game?

AZTECS…How can a team that is (33-2) since last year, not be ranked in the AP-Coaches Poll…not in preseason…not even after they smashed UCLA in the season opener?  What a disservice to a really good program.   How can you have all these winning seasons, stretching from Steve Fisher to Brian Dutcher, go deep in the NCAA tourney, beat some big name teams, and get no recognition nationally from one year to the next?

WHAT’S NOT RIGHT…The spectacular accomplishments of the football program and the basketball program, still haven’t been rewarded.  Rinky-dink bowl games and snubs in the polls are still a problem.  Just like when they had Heisman Trophy candidates, and never got national momentum to gather votes for the players.  Maybe SDSU should evaluate itself, what they are doing, and who is doing it.  Maybe they need some pro’s to help market what is a good athletic program?

CHARGERS….Will be interesting come Sunday.  Justin Herbert, the brilliant rookie QB, meet Bill Belichick the Hall of Fame to be coach when the Bolts host the Patriots.  Herbert has been spectacular, the only credible thing the Charges have.  This is not vintage Patriots football.  Life after Tom Brady, 8-players sitting out with covid issues, and a bunch of injuries, have reduced New England to a (5-6) team.  You think like me, this will be fun, the kid QB-vs-The Hoodie coach?

END OF THE ROAD…Anthony Lynn looks like a beaten coach, sounds like a coach about the lose his job, and witnessing mistake after mistake after mistake in game management situations.  Which is the real coach, the one who got them into the playoffs early in his stay there, or the guy who is (8-20) in the last two plus years?  He looks overwhelmed by it all.  Do you think they need to make a change?


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