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“NBA-Nothing But Aggravation”


These are not easy times in the NBA, not on the court, because of injuries, but off the court, because of what players and coaches have done.

The datelines is the Big Apple

BROOKLYN…The Kyrie Irving controversies just never end.  You can connect the dots from Cleveland to Boston to Brooklyn.  It never ends with this guy

Hard to rank which is the most serious of his offenses in his star-studded, controversy filled shooting guard career.

He is suspended for at least 5-games by the Nets ownership, after refusing to apologize for his defiance after he used social media to reach out to his 4.6M followers to tell them about a movie filled with anti-seketic content.  The same social media accounts he used to give his followers access to the hate filled lies by Alex Jones.

Is everyone entitled to an opinion?  I guess so in America.  But America has now become home to vicious hate, falsehoods, rumor mongering, and outright attacks on private and public citizens.  That is not the American way

He wants to hide behind the shield of the first amendment, but does that freedom of speech banner allow him to create chaos, lead false conspiracies and degenerate Jews, by promoting other people’s disgraceful content?

He had 3-meetings with his own club, his coach, the team owner, and showed no remorse.  He has now been ordered to a face to face meeting with Commissioner Adam Silver.

Condemnation reaction has been scattered.  His union renounced anti-semitism, but did not comment specifically on Irving.

The NBA players, to a man, have been silent, this coming from players who were so open in their statements about Colin Kaepernick, the George Floyd murder, Uvalde, School Shootings  and so many other police brutality issues.

The next voice you hear making a comment, will be the first voice of any NBA players on this disgrace.  A sad commentary for sure from the players who run the league.

The Kyrie Irving trail is littered by debris.  He got himself traded out of Cleveland because of a public feud with LeBron James.

His two years stay in Boston was tainted by his alleged issues with mental health and not being on-board.

Dealt to Brooklyn, he missed 52-games, lost 24M in salaries when refusing to have the Covid vaccin, defying city-state and NBA rules.

He only got the chance to play when state guideline rules changed, but his absences cost the Nets a true playoff opportunity.  He never accepted the blame.

He pulls ill-formed historical data out of the air, to rationalize whatever he says or thinks he believes.  His season long diatribe ‘the earth is flat’ is about as misinformed as you can imagine.

This week he referenced why the media never asks about 300-years of oppression and death for blacks in America, as if that had any link to the current Jewish controversy.

It goes on and on.

He can be a great player, but he is greatly uneducated   He can stand on any street corner and say what he wishes about Jews, blacks, the President.

But he is about to learn it does not mean an NBA team will employ him in the future.  As owner Joseph Tsai said , ‘he is unfit to be a Brooklyn Net’

Sad commentary what America is becoming, a country of hate with messages delivered by an out of control social media, messages that may be truth, or may be lies.

Kyrie Irving may be about to learn he is losing his platform, being an NBA star, when he is out of the spotight and no one cares.

Sadly Colin Kaeperneck had legitimate things to say about his concerns.  He never played in the NFL again sadly, despite all he did for charity.

A similar fate may be about to befall Kyrie-who may have killed his career, with his arrogance and lack of intelligence.

NBA-Nothing But Aggravation.






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