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I will expect your resignation on my desk by 9am-Friday

Out-of-Town Scoreboard: Raiders destroy Chargers (63-21)

So who would like to bear the responsibility of the Thursday night coast-to-cost blowout loss at the hand of the Raiders.

The Chargers, run by the ‘1st Family of Football’ as the Spanos family call themselves, became a national embarrassment on Thursday Night football TV.

Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit mocked the team thru a disgraceful first half.  The halftime panel called for a complete house-clearning  of the front office and coaching staff.

It was as awful a performance, a record setting performance of good and bad,  as the Raiders or Chargers have ever participated in.

So again I ask, who wants to take the responsibility for this.

Coach Brandon Staley mumbled at halftime, ‘this is not who we are’.  Sure it is, you are (5-9), you are (24-25) as coach of this mess.  You axed all your coordinators at the end of last season, and this is worse than that.

GM-Tom Telesco’s once promising roster has been shredded by injuries, and the players who were left on the field, looked as if they quit.

President of Football Operations John Spanos was watching the third straight coaching hire he’s made, burn to the ground.  Staley followed Anthony Lynn who followed Mike McCoy.  Nice track record of hiring.

Owner Dean Spanos tried to hide in the shadows of the owners box during the telecast but was seen downtrodden, sitting next to his two sons, who make all the football-business decisions of the team that left San Diego in the middle of the night.  Under this front office that Dean put in place, the team is now (83-95) since 2014.

Oh what a night in Sin City.

3-Chargers fumbles in the first half.
Derrious Davis horrific fumbled punt return and dropped passes
The Chargers at one point (1-for-25) on 3rd down conversions over 2-games
The Bolts offense scoring 3TDs in a 14-quarter span
An Easton Stick fumbled turned into a 43Y-TD run
A 21-yard Pick Six score by Jack Jones-running untouched into the end zone
A TD run off a Wildcat formation by a 3rd string running back
2-TD passes off a wide receiver option play
Michael Davis getting burned for 2-TD bombs
Alois Gilman getting suckered giving up 2TD passes on the WR option play
A (42-0) deficit at halftime, the biggest lead in Raiders history.
The 63-point outburst, the most ever in Raiders history of great teams
The 63-points allowed the worst of all time by any Chargers team
Raiders TDs of 13-21-23-25-30-43 yards
8-different Raiders scored TDs-breaking an NFL record set in 1950
At 1-point in the 3rd quarter the Raiders outgained the Bolts (323-89) yards
A 79-yard TD pass to Josh Palmer
An 83-yard punt return TD negated by a blindside block

A night of ignamy, for a once proud, once promising franchise.
Bolt Up became Dead-Bolt.  Put that on your social media account.

I could ask for it, but I probably won’t get it.  You know, mass resignations, not just from the football side of the operation, but the owner and his sons.

But that’s too much to ask from the 1st Family of Football.  Nothing wrong with Nepotism, if you are on the receiving end of it.

But the fact the whole nation got to observe this is a pretty good payback price for what Dean, AG and John Spanos did to 55-years of loyalty of San Diego Chargers fans..  If Alex Spanos could step up out of the grave, he’d probably ask for Dean’s resignation too.

Way to stain the Spanos family name.

I expect your resignation on my desk by 9am-Friday



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