1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Mountain West Conference–Like Everybody Else-Troubled”

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“Mountain West Conference…Life is Hard”





They play great football.

It’s a colorful conference.

They play in every climate imaginable, from the sun of San Diego, to the beauty of Hawaii, to the cold and snow in Wyoming.

They throw the ball.  They pound the ball.  They do, some of them do, play defense too.

Say Boise State around the country, and everyone knows who they are and where they play, and what they have done..

Say San Diego State, and people know what has been done here under former coach Rocky Long.

Mention Fresno State, or past member BYU, and people know what you are talking about.

But Mountain West is in the shadow of the PAC 12.  Doesn’t get the coverage.  Surely not the TV revenue.  Definitely not the gate receipts.

They don’t play in big markets, aside from San Diego.  They don’t often beat a Power 5-team in a non-confidence payday game.

They often play in second tier bowl games.

But at this hour, they are like most everybody else.  In trouble.

A cancelled football season.  A myriad of financial problems.  Schools in very bad ‘hot spots’ where the virus has erupted.

Not an easy time, as Commissioner Craig Thompson tries to piece together what a spring football season might look like.

Thompson spoke about the toughest decision he has ever had to make, the cancellation of the season, on the Mountain Network.  Take a look-give a listen:


Who knows what the next football season will look like, when, how many games.

The Mountain West Conference just like the Big 10 and Pac 12…in scramble mode.




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