1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday. “Multi-Tasking-Everything at Once”

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“Deadline Day-Dealing with Lots”


Multi-tasking, that’s what I was doing all day…all night…stacking information for this website of mine.

Not sure I have ever attacked a day like this, this way.

2-computers infront of me.
TV on split screen…watching Padres/NBA Draft
Chasing text information on my cell phone.
Preparing for my KUSI-Saturday sports package too;

When we got close to midnite the scoreboard read thusly:

Padres trade deadline deals.  Dodgers deal.  NBA draft.  Lakers blockbuster trade.  No Aztecs taken.  NHL free agency marched into second day.  News-Notes-NFL training camps. USA-Mexico win in Gold Cup soccer.

Yeah it was busy, it was overwhelming.  Glad I like what I do for this website…cause I was doing it all at once in the afternoon and evening.

The storylines:

Padres come close but trade with Washington Nationals falls apart at the last minute.

Padres beat Rockies continuing chase of first place Giants.;

Dodgers lose to Giants, in real bad free fall.

Dodgers swoop in and outbid Padres, Red Sox, Angels at last minute for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner, giving up their top two minor league prospects to add the pitcher and the shortstop to the roster.

Battery in my calculator ran down trying to figure what taking on the Scherzer-Turner salaries does to the Dodgers luxury tax payment.  As Scherzer arrives would you get the Dodgers will try to extract themselves from the 103M contract they gave Trevor Bauer?

The Yankees make two blockbuster trades in a span of 12-hours, but you ask can Joey Gallo or Anthony Rizzo pitch?  That was a key need in New York, but these two big hitters will balance out the lineup.

Padres try to rally from disappointment, trying to make deal to get Washington closer Daniel Hudson late in evening for another minor leaguer.  That would be the 25th prospect trader-mad GM-AJ Prellar has dealt away

The NBA draft came and went as I expected with the top picks, being the top picks.

What I did not expect was the Lakers executing the Russell Westbrook trade.  They inherit 44 and 47M owed the guard the final two years of the deal.

Say goodbye to the erratic Kyle Kuzma, the under appreciated-ill fitted Montrzl Harrell, Kan Caldwell-Pope and another #1` pick.

The Lakers will have a big three but will they have anything else going forward?

And think about what could happen next, with all these rumors Kawhi Leonard may opt out of his Clippers contract and listen to Miami-Dallas offers.  Whew, that would be awful in Clipper Country.


Day 2-of NFL camps,  Justin Herbert throws a 55Y-TD pass in practice to TE Jared Cooper.  Starting center gets sick in practice.

The Rams begin the search for running back help, but no doubt their down the field capabilities will be something special with Matthew Stafford’s lightning bolt throws.


No draft phone calls for either Aztec, Matt Mitchell nor Jordan Schakel, but both will likely wind up in the NBA Summer League.  Utah likes Mitchell.  Golden State auditioned Schakel.  Both really good college players-NBA players-probably not


There will be lots of news about soccer next.  USA beat Qatar on a goal with 4-minutes left to go..on to the Gold Cup finals.  Mexico got goals at the 47′ and 99′ minute mark to subdue Canada in the other semi final.  Going to be a spirited Gold Cup finale.


USA-vs-Netherlands..World Cup knockout round in soccer.  This does not look good heading into this Friday game.  The US ladies, despite all that experience, have not played all that well.  The Holland side has been amazing.  This might be a bad blowout.


I like hockey, write alot of hockey, follow it for hockey fans.  Never seen this before.  118-players changed teams in the first two days of NHL free agency, that on top of 14-trades so far.

The Kings have had a good offseason.  The Ducks have not done much aside from an interesting first round pick.

The Gulls have been stripped as NHL teams signed 3-of their trusted veterans this week to go other places.

But there is still time for other deals to happen for the Kings-Ducks-Gulls.


So that’s my day..covering it all, and that’s what I think as I turn the lights off this evening.

Tomorrow a new day and back at it.

Multi-tasking.  Don’t know how I got thru it.


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