1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Names in the News-What Happens Next?”

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“Names in the News-What Happens Next”


Big names in sports about to make big headlines.

LE BRON JAMES….Within hours he will go public and likely take ‘his talent’ out onto the NBA free agent market. Goodbye Cleveland for a second time in his career. Hello LA Lakers and riches of a 36M year contract.

KAWHI LEONARD…This is ending badly in terms of his credibility. This won’t end badly for the San Antonio Spurs, who are shopping Leonard’s talents to create a bidding war between the Lakers and Boston. So many questions about Leonard, the ex-Aztec. Will he remain healthy? Is this quad injury, which he’s had for a year, surface again? Does a club pay a king’s ransom to get him knowing the risk he could get hurt again? Do the Spurs give another NBA team permission to talk to Leonard now, before a trade is made?

DE ANDRE JORDAN…Here comes the final parting of the last really good player the Clippers used to have. He opts out and may wind up with the Dallas Mavericks, maybe in a trade deal. Gone Chris Paul off to Houston a year ago. Dealt away Blake Griffin, now in Detroit. Now so long Jordan. For all that talent, the Clippers never got to the NBA Western Conference finals,much less the championship round. Starting over.

CHRIS PAUL….He hasn’t gotten a ring yet, and now might be moving again, if he opts out of his contract. His body is on the clock for sure, time running out. Leaving the Houston Rockets would hurt him…and his former club.

PAUL GEORGE….Opts out in Oklahoma City, and is casting glances to the Lakers-Clippers. Of course not everyone can wind up in LA, so maybe he re-signs with the Thunder.

BOSTON CELTICS….Danny Ainge has spent years rebuilding the once proud Red Auerbach franchise. He has a wealth of young talent, and could have as many as 4-first round picks also as a treasure trove of items to put into a Kawhi Leonard trade. But is he willing to part with young star Jalen Brown and veteran Kyrie irving plus more.

lA LAKERS…..This is the summer Magic Johnson has been waiting for. The big question, does he tear apart his young roster to trade for Kawhi Leonard? Does he keep his kids, and instead give out a max contract to LeBron James and Paul George? If you have to deal away Brandon Ingram-Kyle Kouzma and 1st round picks, what does that do to your overall roster? Do those superstars believe the Lakers have the right leadership making basketball decisions? Does Magic walk away from the job if he flames out this summer on the free agent market?

Stay tuned…we’ll know this afternoon…or by 9pm on Friday night. Then the fireworks begin.


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