1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “Names in the News”

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“Names in the News”


Here-there and everywhere.

NFL HALL OF FAME…..Retaliating against Terrell Owens decision to boycott the ceremonies in Canton is ridiculous. Why would the NFL elect not to even mention him in the Hall of Fame dinner when they hand out the yellow jackets? Why would they completely bypass him on induction day refusing to even mention his name, refusing to put together a highlife video. His on field accomplishments should be honored, regardless of whether he is in Canton or at UT-Chattanooga. Who’s the bigger embarrassment in all this?

HOME RUN DERBY SNUB…..It’s a popular event, a takeoff on the old Baseball tV show-Home Run Derby…but the stars aren’t showing up. Giancarlo Stanton, who put on a monster display two years at Petco Park isn’t going to participate. Neither is last year’s phenom Aaron Judge. Some players feel is wears you out; some fear injury; some don’t want to be embarrassed. Not what it used to be. The event is made for the fans. The players owe it to the fans.

SAN ANTONIO SHOWDOWN….The Kawhi Leonard story gets messier and messier. A quality player with a sterling reputation, demanding to be traded. Now refusing to meet with prospective teams that might want to deal for him. They want the right to see his medical records about his year long struggle with a quad injury. They want the right to to talk about a possible contract extension, so they are not just renting a player. And his reps refusing to do that, and threatening to sit out next year. Not very smart, in that if he refuses to play this final year of the Spurs contract, he still owes San Antonio another year on his contract. He’s not real smart of this action. His agents are even dumber for the tact they are using.

SAD DAY IN NHL….It appears the Ottawa Senators are about to trade the last star on their team, defenseman Erik Karlsson, who is headed to free agency after next season. Ottawa has moved a lot of players off the roster. They have questionable leadership in GM-Pierre Dorion, and shaky coaching in Guy Bouchard. Now Karlsson and star goalie Glen Anderson appear headed out of town. The franchise has never been the same since the passing of popular GM-Bryan Murray just a couple of years ago.

WILD WORLD CUP….Sunday’s game should be a dandy, France-vs-Croatia. The French, LeBleu, with a run and gun, fast break-transition offense, against Croatia with its physical grind it out style. Croatia has 3-straight come from behind overtime wins.. They physically pounded a great team from England. These two teams earned their way to the finals. Watching on TV this weekend will be Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium, all talent-laden. too, who didn’t survive.


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