1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday NBA-Hitting 3-Point Shots-Shooting Air Balls”

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“NBA-Halfway Home-Halfway to Heaven-Hell”


It’s the mid-season break, the All Star break in the National Basketball Association.

Shooting 3-Pointers and Air Balls, I am.

Lakers….Stagger-skid-sink to (19-39) record at the break, this after a (10-10) start under Luke Walton….losing 29-of-38 is pretty horrific…the pschye damage to such a young roster is evident…now they look lke they have quit…and it’s only mid-season…..Plus you have Magic Johnson trying to undermine everyone, from Mitch Kupchack to Jim Buss, saying he has to be President of Basketball Operations. With apology in advance, the last time he said he wanted something, it was to coach, and I think there was a 9-game losing streak on his watch the end of that ugly season….He’s living in the past…the Lakers need better leadership for the future.

Clippers…As good as they are over the last couple of years, it’s just not been good enough to even get to the NBA-Western Conference finals….They still have the big 3-but that’s really all they have…and this spring will be no different…a playoff series or two then it’s over…they really need a way to created some additional cap space and get another key player.

Golden State…They did add Kevin Durant, but don’t have the dominant record they had a year ago (remember people saying 75-wins)…though (47-9) is pretty good…Not sure we have seen how dominant they can be…maybe a 7-game series will bring that out in them.

San Antonio…Life after Tim Duncan is pretty good for the Spurs (43-13)….You can’t say that to Coach Greg Popovich-he knows that already…but this is something special, and they even survived a major injury to Pao Gasol along the way.

Houston…Mike D’Antoni has reinvented himself…and this (40-18) record has been done after saying goodbye to Dwight Howard…it is James Harden’s team, but it’s just not him by himself.

Boston…It’s taken years and years of rebuilding, drafting well, stockpiling talent…but Danny Ainge has this team right there (37-19)…the Boston version of Isaiah Thomas is pretty special.

Philadelphia….At least they will win more than 10-games this year…and Joel Embid is something special….and you wonder if they ever get all their guys on the floor healthy at once, how quickly they could come…Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel and Ben Simmons still haven’t spent much time together.

New York Knicks…Nice soap opera…James Dolan-failing owner….Phil Jackson-tweeting General Manager….Jeff Hornacek-lost coach…Carmelo Anthony-selfish star…Charles Oakley-bitter ex employee…New York tabloids going crazy…All you need to know is the Zen Master is (55-84) in a year and a half.

Dallas..Sad to see this franchise circle the drain with the great Dirk Nowitzki having to finish his career with this mess.

Oklahoma City….The heroics of Russell Westbrook, left behind after Kevin Durant defected and Serge Ibaka was traded….what a great player…maybe hope they can add a free agent next off season…being above .500-post Durant is impressive

Sacramento….DeMarcos Cousins is such a talent and such a powder keg…waiting for the next big game and next big incident.

Phoenix..What a disgrace this franchise has become, considering what they were for decades under Jerry Colangelo’s guidance.

Brooklyn Nets….Guess all the Russian rubles from the oil money ownership hasn’t made much of a difference in this franchise…in fact even worse than when they were the New Jersey Nets.


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