1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “NBA Hoops–Do You Like It?”

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“NBA-Do You Like it”

The push for playoff spots and the fight to get to the play-in games is underway in the NBA.

It’s almost desperation time for teams.

If you watched the Lakers comeback win over the Clippers, you saw LeBron James take over the night.

A 21-point Clippers lead disappeared.  James went off for 24-points in the fourth quarter, outscoring the entire Clippers roster in the 4th quarter.

It was thrilling.  But is NBA basketball thrilling?  Do you think all offense-no defense really is good for the game.

The stats are staggering, and you will have to tell me if you like the game you are seeing these years.

The NBA will set an all time scoring record this year.  The 30-teams are averaging 115-points a game, the biggest ever.  NBA teams are giving up 119 points a game, and this would set a record for points allowed.

We have had 8-games this year in which a team scored 150-points in a win this year.  The Pacers had 157 in a win over Atlanta; Boston ripped off 155 against the Packers.  Utah had a 154-148 victory over Detroit.

On any given night, anyone can go off.  Luka Doncic had 73 in Dallas.  Joel Embiid had a 70-point night for the Sixers.  Giannis Antetokounmpo got 64 and Devin Booker 62.  Great accomplishments, but likely little defense against them.

The 3-point rule has changed the game, and everyone has guys who can stroke it. Steph Curry has already hit 266-bombs.

Indiana leads the NBA with 123-points a night but they are dominant because they don’t play at the other end of the court, giving up 124 per evening.

Washington is awful on defense allowing 119 a game, one of three teams giving up those record numbers.

The big paydays in the NBA, the 40 to 50M contracts are going to the great scorers.

Rebounding-and-defense don’t garner much attention, don’t get you mega paydays and are not on the ESPN highlites.

Maybe come playoff time things will get ramped up, but maybe not.  Maybe it’s just ‘I outscore you’ and hope your team can move on.

The era of Bill Russell’s defense, Karl Malone’s rebounds are seemingly gone forever, replaced by LeBron James bullying his way to the basket, or James Hardin’s non stop 3-point bombs.

You’ll have to tell me, if the 2024 version basketball is as good as the Lakers Showtime era or the dominance of Larry Bird’s Celtics or the Twin Towers in Houston, or even Air Jordan via Chicago.

Great individual talent replacing great teams of years ago, is that good?

I don’t think it is.


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