1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday. “NFL–Interesting Questions Worth Asking”

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“NFL-Questions Worth Asking”


NEW ENGLAND…A judge orders the sex tape of owner Robert Kraft destroyed because it was illegally operated.  Does the NFL drop  its probe because Kraft was freed on a technicality?  Does he still get sanctioned because that was him paying for sex acts in Jupiter, Florida?

KANSAS CITY…Two hiring cycles, a total of 10-interviews for Eric Bienemy, and he was hot hired nor offered a head coaching job?  Sounds strange.  Maybe lack of play-calling on his resume.  Maybe being in Andy Reid’s shadow.  Maybe a bad interview.  Maybe he needs to leave Kansas City, go somewhere else and call plays.

CHARGERS…Coming off a really good season for rookie QB-Justin Herbert and the team lets the entire offensive coaching staff leave.  Coordinator Shane Stiechen winds up with the Eagles.  QB-coach Pep Hamilton goes to Houston.  For Herbert, another day at the office.  He played under 3-head coaches and 4-different coordinators at Oregon.  Why mess with a good chemistry thing with the Bolts?

COLTS..From the elation of a special playoff season with Philip Rivers, now a dose of cold water-reality.  Rivers surprisingly retires; left tackle Anthony Constanzo retires; heavy duty RB Marlin Mack is a free agent; and the Frank Reich led coaching staff has been poached by other teams.  Alot of work to do to avoid this being ‘one and done’?

LIONS..Matthew Stafford could be the heir apparent to Rivers in Indy.  Has never played behind a good offensive line in Detroit; never had a good running game.  This will be a pleasant parting, not a bitter divorce from Detroit.  Interesting to see what the price tag Indy has to pay to get Stafford.

HOUSTON..Alot of ill-will there now, with Deshaun Watson now saying in public he will accept a trade only to Miami-Jets-Carolina.  Miami has talent to use in a trade (Tua Tagovailoa)…the Jets have Sam Darnold and a high first round pick…Carolina has virtually nothing talent wise.  Stay tuned for developments?

PITTSBURGH…Ben Roethlisberger late Thursday agreed to a pay cut from his (41.1M) cap figure contract.  He likely gets a 1-year plus a an option year at a friendly cap number, but the Steelers have cap problems everywhere, and have to address the cost to keep mouthy WR-JuJu Schuster-Smith, whose off field actions are starting to resemble Antonio Brown?

JETS…Interesting story on team chemistry.  Incoming coach Robert Saleh praises and praises Sam Darnold.  The Jets have a stud LT in Mekhi Becton, a bunch of young athletes, high draft picks and some 77M in salary cap space.  Do they keep the quarterback?

SAN FRANCISCO…This is a trouble spot.  Everyone has lost confidence in the battered young veteran Jim Garoppolo.  Is he headed back to the Patriots? Who replaces him?  San Francisco gets 6-extra third round comp draft picks in the next three years for losing a GM and a head coaching candidate to Detroit and New York.  The coaching staff has been stripped of alot of assistants too?  Not an easy off season coming in Ninerland?

RAVENS..Lots of heat on John Harbaugh, that Baltimore must find a way to get better receiverse for Lamar Jackson to work with.  That has to be priority one this off season?

GREEN BAY…Don’t believe anything about Aaron Rodgers wanting to be traded.  Now he may want the final three years of his contract ‘guaranteed’, but he and Matt LaFleur have been a pretty good two year combo.  But the play calling on the final two plays will be a bitter taste for everyone to swallow the rest of the winter won’t it?

RAMS…You don’t have to read between the lines about QB-Jared Goff’s status.  They doubt him.  He doubts himself.  The fans and media doubt him too.  The Rams have never been afraid to cut players and take big cap hits (see the Todd Gurley deal)..and they may try to trade Goff’s big contract (110M) guaranteed or let him walk.  They have no fear when they make decisions do they?

CHICAGO…What’s the old NFL phrase?  If you have two quarterbacks, you have none (Trubisky-Foles).  When was the last time the Bears had a great quarterback, not named Sid Luckman?

SAINTS…If the Drew Brees era is over, it was fantastic.  Is the new QB already in house, and I am not saying Taysom Hill, but rather Jameis Winston?  Can Sean Payton work his magic with the ex Buc, like he rebuilt the ex-Charger (Brees)?

MIAMI…Which Dolphin player dropped the phrase “Checkdown Charley” when making reference to Tua Tagovailoa.  Alot for Brian Flores to think about if his own players don’t believe Tua is a true NFL-QB going down the field.  Flores is headed towards hiring his 3rd offensive coordinator in three years there.

NEW ENGLAND…Cam Newton threw all of 6-TD passes this season, a non playoff season, in the Bill Belichick era.  What do they do?  Tired of waiting for Jared Stidholm?  Would they want Garoppolo back?  Is there a Ryan Fitzpatrick sighting coming to Foxboro?  Is it a draft pick?  Would they be a player for Stafford from Detroit?  The scoreboard says when Tom Brady played for Belichick, the Pats were (136-39).  When somebody else was at QB, the Patriots were (51-65).

EAGLES…Can they afford to keep Carson Wentz and his big contract with a brand new, very young coaching staff?  Can they fix him?  Is Jalen Hurts the future?  Alot to sort out in Philadelphia isn’t there?

WHAT BECOMES DEPARTMENT…of Cam Newton…Robert Griffin III?

Interesting off season once we get beyond the Super Bowl.


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