1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL–MUST WIN WEEKEND ALREADY”

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It’s only Week 3-of the NFL season and the season could be over soon if they get to Sunday night with an (0-3) record.

A few thoughts about alot of games:

CHARGERS-VIKINGS…Both are winless.  Asking where is the down the field attack in the Chargers passing attack under Kellen Moore.  It becomes more important now without RB-Austin Ekeler and his ankle issues.  The second key question is whether this pass defense can stop anybody, after allowing 28-first downs in passing in the first two weeks.  Some of this may be because of a poor pass rush, and some of that has to do with Joey Bosa-Eric Kendricks being hurt.  And here comes Kirk Cousins, WR-Justin Jefferson and the running back tandem of Alex Maddison-Cam Akers.  And by the way, Minnesota has three TEs who catch passes, and who is going to cover them?

RAMS-BENGALS…Joe Burrow’s calf is acting up again and Cincinnati has lots of issues.  They cannot protect the QB with a leaky offensive line.  Their defense has not been able to shut people down.  They could be (0-3)

PATRIOTS-JETS…First time since 2001-a Belichick team has opened (0-2).  The defense plays hard and has alot of young players.  The Mac Jones-Bill O’Brien combo of play calling and big plays has not yet clicked in.  Bigger picture, if the Jets were to win this game, how hot would Belichick’s seat be with owner Robert Kraft if this turns out to be another non playoff team.

MIAMI-DENVER…Most would be surprised if this Broncos team is (0-3) by Sunday night.  Not only is Sean Payton losing games, he has lost alot of players with major injuries.  It’s convenient to bash Russell Wilson, but he cannot do this alone on offense and that’s what he is being asked to do.

CHIEFS-BEARS…Not enough players and not enough coaches.  The Bears lose Def Coor-Alan Williams, who quits with personal problems.  Rumors will not go away about an FBI raid on his home.  His lawyer says it is a health issue.  No other details are out there yet.  What is known, Bears QB-Justin Fields is still turning it over at an alarming rate and Chicago does not have enought players.  Not good.

ARIZONA-DALLAS…What a lopsided game this turns out to be.  Lifetime backup Josh Dobbs is being asked to fill in and make the Cardinals competitive.  Just not enough talent around a backup QB.  This will be a messy season.

CAROLINA-SEATTLE…Not going to get easier.  Now Bryce Young is out with an ankle injury, two weeks into his career.

COLTS-RAVENS…Rookie QB-Anthony Richardson is out with a concussion, just 5-quarters into his career.  He can play.  But can he stay healthy enough to win games for the Colts?  This could be ugly Sunday

Hope you enjoy the NFL weekend.  A bunch of teams won’t by Sunday nightfall.


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