1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “NFL-News-Notes”

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“Names in News”


Here-there-everywhere in sports…names and stories worth following.

CHARGERS….The season is drifting away from them…..Anthony Lynn seems overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a head coach….The franchise has been destroyed by injuries on a year by year basis…They are paying DE-Joey Bosa 20M a year and he has been plagued by alot of nagging injuries for the third year in the last four seasons.

RAIDERS…Derek Carr is playing bullet proof football for Coach Jon Gruden…hitting big plays…not turning the ball over…Waiting to see if the very young defense turns the corner and starts to make plays…They are giving up (29PPG) on defense and have only 7-sacks considering they have spent alot of draft picks on pass rushes.

RAMS…They have the #1-defense in NFL led by DT-Aaron Donald, but QB-Jared Goff seems prone to turnovers and they are not the power run game they were when Todd Gurley was there.

PATRIOTS…Cam Newton does not seem to be the answer at QB…1TD-7 Int-3 Fumbles in his last four starts….Bill Belichick defended the franchise lack of cap space, saying they spent to the limits to win 3-Super Bowls in a four year span…Big issue this year, they went 8-days unable to practice over a two week span because the facility was shutdown…and Newton was hurt.

HOUSTON…Deshaun Watson is quarterbacking a disaster…They are capped out…they don’t have #1 picks till 2023 and the defense is showing age…Coach-GM Bill O’Brien created a mess.

COLTS…Indy is playing defense, running the ball some, and Philip Rivers has quit throwing interceptions…a playoff team for sure.

SEATTLE…Russell Wilson has 26TD’s already, but the defense is a disaster…S-Jamal Adams, who came in that big Jets trade, has yet to play a game…They never replaced Jadaveon Clowney and LB-Bobby Wagner has no help.

DALLAS…No one feels sorry for owner Jerry Jones in this (2-6) start, but if your team had lost Dak Prescott, plus four offensive lineman, two key defensive lineman, a top LB and a cover corner, would you be better than (2-6).

BALTIMORE….Lamar Jackson doesn’t have alot of help right now….The Ravens seemed to get away from their power run game…Mark Ingram has not been healthy….they don’t have big receivers and the defense is being asked too much.

BUFFALO…A nice start to the season but not much lately, as teams have made it hard for the Bills to score lots of points…They really need another WR-opposite Stefon Diggs.

TAMPA BAY…Interesting matchup this weekend with the Saints.  Tom Brady-Drew Brees are a combined (85) years old….Between them they have thrown 44-TD passes the first half of the season….And now Antonio Brown is about to join Mike Evans-Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski.

JETS…Feel sorry for Sam Darnold as quarterback-getting beat up on a regular basis because he has no one around him on offense…Makes me remember what happened to Jim Plunkett with his first team-New England.

CHIEFS…Might be the breakout weekend for RB-Le’Veon Bell, just signed two weeks ago…Waiting for an explosion from him….KC also gets WR-Sammy Watkins back off the IR list…They are winning but not dominating on offense yet.

SAINTS….Drew Brees has willed New Orleans back into the playoff race, leaning heavily on dual purpose RB-Alvin Kamara because of injuries to Michael Thomas and the other receivers.

STEELERS…In its modern history, you had all those great seasons under Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and now Mike Tomlin.  But in the history of this franchise, dating back to the Steel Mills days when it was founded in 1933, never-ever have the Steelers been (7-0)….They are now…now a complete football team.

NFC EAST….Is really NFC-Least with a combined record of (8-22-1) in the division.

49ers….The body bag count is staggering….Jim Garoppolo gone again…seven WRs hurt…3-OL out…2RBs on IR and lots of injuries on defense…They never got out of training camp healthy and it has gotten worse since Labor Day weekend.

BROWNS….Who knows how really good Baker Mayfield can be at QB…Up and down performances…now he does not have Odell Beckham and RB-Nick Chubb, both on IR with knee injuries.

BENGALS…Joe Burrow is such a competitor as a rookie Q B, but they don’t have alot around him….He is taking alot of sacks and alot of hits…they need to continue to draft pass blockers around him before he does not get up from one of these hits.

GIANTS….Second year QB-Daniel Jones makes alot of plays down the field, but he turns it over alot too…Not having RB-Saquon Barkley means another disaster of a season.

JAGUARS…Remember when the franchise had defensive stars like Calais Campbell..Dante Fowler…Jalen Ramsey…Myles Jack…none are there now…The Mark Brunell era was a long time ago….A disaster of a franchise.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “NFL-News-Notes””

  1. John Hopkins says:

    Watching the Colts and Ravens today. Pulling for Phillip Rivers. Some of the players around him don’t seem to be up to snuff. Baltimore’s TD came off a fumble recovery. Just saw a confusing play that the officials called a dropped pass/interception…only to have it called on replay an interception/fumble/fumble recovery by the D. I get the idea had it been called an interception and then fumble on the field the Colts might have fought a little harder for the ball.
    I take it that Anthony Lynn’s tenure is on the Death Watch. I wondered if it were him or Telesco or even the whole move to LA situation that drove Rivers away. I AM hoping that Rivers can finally get his ring.

    Disappointing performance by SDSU Friday Night. Beaten by the 3rd string QB from SJSU.
    Craziness in Virginia too….VTech loses to Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty U? Whodda thunk?

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Bolts hopeless siege of injuries
      Lynn clock management issues

      Aztecs self destructed..kid QB on learning curve…hurts chance at good bowl game

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